Friday, June 18, 2010


'Lo readers.

Cumpster's around at the moment, chatting to Fraser about bogans.

Today was the last day of school, thank gawd.

First up was bio, Georgia played a flash game with us to teach us about genetic sequencing.

Then history, we ended up playing hangman. We're all too good.

Recess. Cold.

Off to media, we finished watching the movie.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - ***1/2.
A little dated, but not bad. Kinda slow too, pretty preachy. Girl was hot.

Lunchtime. It was cold, so we headed to the common room. Lulu, Ryan and I drew stick figures of each other. This grew into Pat drawing portraits of each of us as phalluses. Very amusing. Then a spare, Sarah tried to smash a sudoku thing while Alison defaced Kristen Stewart.

Homeroom was meh, report's pretty bland (it's all S, no actual marks), pep talk from Ms Dyke, then an assembly with a million awards given out.

After that, headed to the boardo to pick up Aiden, then walked down the street to devour two boxes of chips between the six of us and muse over some problems (HATERS GONNA HATE!). Then we wandered around looking for costume and present ideas. Ended up saying hi to David Flynn in maccas, then headed home, watching Top Gear and the footy. Essendon, I am disappoint!

Tomorrow, gotta head down the street to pick up some supplies, then off to Annie's. Should be fun. Interesting at least.



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