Wednesday, June 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Today was freeeeeeeeeezing. And I forgot my trackies. Oh well. It's not like I needed functioning limbs, right? Must be fine cos my heart's still beatin.

Bio first up, we had to cut out a buttload of little chromatids, but we didn't have enough time to stick them down. Waste of bloody time.

Then media, started watching Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (not the Bernie Mac/Ashton Kutcher one) and discussed the civil rights movement.

Recess, we all hung out in a corridor trying to remember history quotes. Then into the breach. Smashed this SAC. Smashed it. I just dunno how effective the smashing was.

Then lit, we sorted out holiday classes (I don't have class on my birthday, but I do have class before I can prepare for my party. Meh), then finished the poem. Meh.

Lunch was cold so we kicked around a bouncy ball after we were kicked out of the gym. Inside the locker room. Pat jumped upwards, smashing his head into the concrete ceiling. He was a little concussed but enraged enough to kick a huge metal bin 3 feet.

Off to indoor soccer with Dayno Insayno, since Captain Amanda picked me first we cherry picked the very best of the indoor soccer kids, like a pair of crazy-good year tens, and Dayne. We kicked arse, naturally.

After school, did a Responsible Service of Alcohol course in the lecture theatre. Open book test and a certificate for $30. Meh. Pretty dull, nothing difficult, froze on the way home but got pizza, so it's all good.

Right now I'm hunting down some shoegaze and wasting time. Gruen Transfer's back. Todd Sampson is my hero, he climbed Everest by himself and doesn't afraid of anything.

Tomorrow's DOUBLE SPARE THURSDAY. It'll end up me and Sarah sleeping while Potter and Georgia rant and Gavin reads the paper. Probably.



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