Monday, June 21, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop.

'Lo all.

Busy day today.

Wandered down the street early, got some chips with Ryan (Sam was there for thirty seconds too), and he tried to sort out how he was going to pick up tickets without his brother's credit card. His mum eventually dropped it off five minutes before the train was meant to leave.

Twenty five bloody minutes later, the train left. Bastard! Slow trip, cept for some meth heads who joined us between Traralgon and Morwell. Got to Melbourne, picked up tickets and found Geordie, then got some maccas from across the street and got back in line. Bombarded with a million ads about how great ACMI is. Hurm.

Exit Through the Gift Shop - *****
It's a clever film. I don't know if I want to give it all away here. But Banksy's got the joke on the audience here. He's got the joke on everyone in the movie, pretty much. Very funny, and pretty awesome at times. I like that they went into Shepard Fairey as well. Guetta was so annoying though. Watch it if you can find it.

After that, more maccas, then we wandered around for an hour. Hit Peril, where the owner was drunk and complaining about his ex wife suing her new boyfriend. Some cool stuff in there, too much girl stuff though. Kept on wandering, Basement Records was shut, and so was a huge snowboarding shop that Geordie was jizzing over. Looped around to Krispy Kreme, then got the single carriage train to Dandenong. Didn't get stabbed as we went to the buses either. Bus trip home was quiet too, then Beardman was at the station.

Tomorrow, gotta head to Centrelink, then gotta repair two bikes, then I might get Annie and Emily to help me start my media production, I dunno.



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