Sunday, June 27, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Yesterday morning we drove to Buninyong. Nothing particularly eventful, cept for the GPS trying to get us lost. Bastard.

Got there a bit early, helped set up, Beardman tried to help with the fire but it smoked out everything. Gave up.

Caught up with most of the relatives, talked music with Katie while we inconspicuously played the Melbourne Pearl Jam boot, won a game of pool against the Rays, didn't accidently kill any of the little kids screaming around. It was pretty fun. There was a girl who looked like Ladyhawke, and a cricketer kid who was drinking girly drinks. Pretty amusing.

Then today, lots of pancakes, Peter and Simon went hooning around (Simon's new bike is very cool), then we nicked off. Survived.

Sorry, I'm tired. Should have taken photos but my camera ran out of batteries. Frustrating.

Tomorrow I have to go to lit class. Oh well. It's only four hours out of my life.



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