Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Atom Tan.

'Lo all.

Pissed off.

Got into an argument about the Beatles with a metalhead troll last night. I took the bait.

Sleepless night worrying about exam.

Get to school today, too cold to worry, get in, smash multiple choice, work through short answer, no real problems apart from a couple of things that weren't in the textbook. Left mildly satisfied.

Off to maths, we laughed about the upcoming parties and swapped stories about seeing music live.

Then biology. Felt so out of place, was the only year twelve in there. Such fun. Year elevens are all smarter than me anyway. Excruciating.

Wanted to sleep through lunch. Chilled with the usual suspects. Tom and Jackson kicked a footy around, which promptly went over the thing behind the kitchens. Then Mr Bacon arrived. We laughed. Girls whinged about exam and how OMGSODIFFICULT it was.

Off to lit, got lectured. Poor Ms Dosser. She's so enthusiastic. There's only five kids in the class and out of them I don't think they're all paying attention.

Then a spare, chilled with Gavin and Denny. Headed down the street with Denny to get money and chips, chatted to MattyT, went home and wasted time.

I'd like to state something that's pissing me off. ALOT IS NOT A WORD. ALLOT means to allocate or distribute. A LOT means a great amount of something. ALOT is nothing. You are in year twelve. If I was education minister I wouldn't let kids graduate primary school without knowing how to read and write. But then I guess that would make me a Nazi or a commie or something, I dunno. Sue me. It's goddamn annoying.

I'm sick of metalheads posting lyrics too.

Tomorrow will be cold and annoying.

I want to sleep. Just sleep.


Anyway, the end.

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