Sunday, June 20, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Yet another party wrap up. How exciting. And yes, I'll be as vague as possible on purpose.

Aiden and I headed down the street yesterday morning, picked up a present, met Isaac and Sam, who were recovering from their wild night (Isaac almost did a Hayden on Sam's door). Went to the centre again, saw Meg, Jess and Aiden, and we promptly wasted time in Target, since Aiden figured he'd pick up another squishy animal for Annie. Lady Ducksworth, we decided. Got nachos too, and Emily made them.

Back home, burnt a few hours, Tom arrived out of nowhere, after some mario kart we headed to Annie's. Few kids there, saw Marly and Brad (who was in a dress, naturally), and we chilled while everyone else trickled in. Highlights included Gavin and Potter as aerobics instructors (with matching fluro tights), Meg as Aiden, and Tom as an alligator. Photos are on facebook (funny, I uploaded em this morning, the first gallery just ticked over 200 photos and wouldn't let me put any more in. So now there's two). Annie seemed to like her presents, especially the camera that Potter organised. Though I think she'll get a kick out of the shirt Emma and I got her.

So, drinking, whinging, laughing at other's misfortune, the usual. We rocked out to Tribute, as usual, then Pat and Aiden had control of the iPod for ages. They played a lot of Powderfinger. Chatted to a few kids, including Annie's brother, who's pretty cool.

Kids started nicking off for maccas run or four, so we retreated inside and went on chat roulette. Amusing. Headed back outside to the fire while everyone nicked off, much arguing over the music (Isaac and I managed to get through half of Ten, then Annie's friends from Foster put on Brokencyde and Parkway Drive, but then Bernice said screw it and put on Temper Trap. So it goes), floated around, then crashed in the bungalow thingy.

Woke up to Patrick singing Powderfinger, but we avoided him trumpeting a fanfare to wake Clare and Isaac up. By this time it was raining, so we dragged the tents down, and the Bairnsdale kids nicked off. After Pat and Gavin spent ages saying goodbye to everyone, I walked home, nearly collapsed, had a shower instead, and I have done nothing of value since.

Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne with Ryan, James and Geordie to watch a movie about a graffiti artist. Yup.



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