Sunday, June 27, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Yesterday morning we drove to Buninyong. Nothing particularly eventful, cept for the GPS trying to get us lost. Bastard.

Got there a bit early, helped set up, Beardman tried to help with the fire but it smoked out everything. Gave up.

Caught up with most of the relatives, talked music with Katie while we inconspicuously played the Melbourne Pearl Jam boot, won a game of pool against the Rays, didn't accidently kill any of the little kids screaming around. It was pretty fun. There was a girl who looked like Ladyhawke, and a cricketer kid who was drinking girly drinks. Pretty amusing.

Then today, lots of pancakes, Peter and Simon went hooning around (Simon's new bike is very cool), then we nicked off. Survived.

Sorry, I'm tired. Should have taken photos but my camera ran out of batteries. Frustrating.

Tomorrow I have to go to lit class. Oh well. It's only four hours out of my life.



Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3.

'Lo all.

Really enjoying the whole filming thing, to be honest.

On Thursday, I got up early (relatively), fixed up my bike (which had conveniently decided to have a gaping hole in it's OTHER goddamn tyre), then screamed around town and got everything done for work quickly. Then dashed home, grabbed some lights and speakers, and got a lift to school, where Ms Henry gave me permission (and keys) to go nuts.

The droogs rocked up as Beardman and I moved some furniture around. We raided the music department, looting a drum kit, a couple of amps, and a bass guitar. I got some awesome footage of Denny pretending to drum, Jake shredding guitar, Sam on bass, and Oliver wailing his guts out. Then a few crowd shots, which is what I really needed. Could have used more people, but never mind, this should be enough.

Waited around a while then ran all the way from home to the cinema, got a pair of nifty 3D sunnies, then collapsed into a seat. First digital 3D movie, what an age we live in.

Toy Story 3 - ****1/2
The short at the start was clever, not as good as the birds one or Presto. Movie itself was excellent. The 3D wasn't INYOURFACEOMGLOOKHOW3DITIS! all the time, which is good. Plot was good, but it was similar to the second one. Got pretty intense towards the end. Still funny, still awesome at times, it felt a little rushed towards the end, but still damn good. Kinda relevant to us too, cos it's all about heading off to uni and leaving childhood behind. That or it's a metaphor for the holocaust, I'm not sure which yet.

After that, chowed down at maccas and headed to Patrick's to do some filming for Oliver's film and play a bit of pool. Picked up a cassette thingy for Oliver's camera ("I THOUGHT THEY WERE SUPPLIED!!"), and got a couple of scenes down. After a while, Sam decided we should all go drinking at his house. Denny, Jake and I were dragged along.

We played some poker, Denny got smashed very quickly, there was a jam session, all pretty amusing. No drama. Crashed hard though.

Got up far. too. early. this morning, earliest I've been awake all holidays so far. Jake gave me a lift home where I showered, then off to the hospital. Sam arrived, a nice Scottish lady gave us a corridor, and I think (hope!) I've got enough footage and shots to work with. See how we go.

Headed to Pat's after that, where they were filming more of Jake's movie with Emily. Then Pat made the kids all change into school uniforms and we had a lot of fun chasing Oliver around. If Pat can pull this off, and I think he will, this will be a pretty good film. Shooting in the freezing rain, not so good. I got covered in blood at one point, which was pretty awesome, I'll have to get the picture up.

Got a lift home again, showered off most of the blood, then off to work where 160 air force and navy graduates were going to be dining. Fun. Us kitchen guys smashed it all though. Had to help out dishing up some steak, which was fun. Jordie and I managed to get all of the dishes done pretty quickly, I was only held up by the dishwasher, dammit. Anyway, I guess it was alright, bit of an escape with some awesome free food.

Tomorrow I'm going to Buninyong for Bonnie's 21st. Need to do a bit of shopping before I go though.

And a big thanks to all the kids who are helping us media kids with the filming, you're all legends.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead Eyes.

'Lo readers.

Joyous holidays.

Still not in a good mood, but that's ok, I'm sleeping.

Yesterday I fixed my bike up and went down to the hospital, where I nervously went up to the executive offices and asked permission to film. They said they'd get back to me. Joy.

Today, decided to actually get a start on filming, so I asked Annie and Emily to come down to a bus stop to film a sequence. Was over pretty quick, which bodes well for tomorrow. Then we hit maccas and wandered around the centre. JayJays scares me a little. They have a Transformers fetish, or something.

Then home, haven't really done much. They just had a television takever by Ruddkipz, which has naturally provoked a lot of furore on facebook. It's very, very amusing to see a lot of retarded kids shout about how much they hate Ruddy, and Abbott, and Gillard, but they don't know why. Rudd's just a dickhead. Duh.

Which thus makes us all voting kinda funny too. I mean, either way, us Gippsland kids don't have much of a say, because the Nationals will win our seat either way. Not that I'm particularly happy about that, but I guess they do alright. The policies that concern me, mainly internet censorship (because they will not use it for what it's meant to be used for, not because I'm into beastiality) and the youth allowance thing, will swing my vote. Whoever changes first, I will vote for. But at the moment, Abbott does not like a professional leader, Ruddkipz is becoming a parody (if he's even still leader in the morning), and there's no one else. Oh well. Doesn't really matter. We need something like the British system, far more interesting.

Anyway, I just had to rant, my bad.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work, then get some more footage for media that will involve a mosh pit and the Beardman, then we're going to go see Toy Story 3 in 3D. I'm a little excited, I've been avoiding spoilers all week.



Monday, June 21, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop.

'Lo all.

Busy day today.

Wandered down the street early, got some chips with Ryan (Sam was there for thirty seconds too), and he tried to sort out how he was going to pick up tickets without his brother's credit card. His mum eventually dropped it off five minutes before the train was meant to leave.

Twenty five bloody minutes later, the train left. Bastard! Slow trip, cept for some meth heads who joined us between Traralgon and Morwell. Got to Melbourne, picked up tickets and found Geordie, then got some maccas from across the street and got back in line. Bombarded with a million ads about how great ACMI is. Hurm.

Exit Through the Gift Shop - *****
It's a clever film. I don't know if I want to give it all away here. But Banksy's got the joke on the audience here. He's got the joke on everyone in the movie, pretty much. Very funny, and pretty awesome at times. I like that they went into Shepard Fairey as well. Guetta was so annoying though. Watch it if you can find it.

After that, more maccas, then we wandered around for an hour. Hit Peril, where the owner was drunk and complaining about his ex wife suing her new boyfriend. Some cool stuff in there, too much girl stuff though. Kept on wandering, Basement Records was shut, and so was a huge snowboarding shop that Geordie was jizzing over. Looped around to Krispy Kreme, then got the single carriage train to Dandenong. Didn't get stabbed as we went to the buses either. Bus trip home was quiet too, then Beardman was at the station.

Tomorrow, gotta head to Centrelink, then gotta repair two bikes, then I might get Annie and Emily to help me start my media production, I dunno.



Sunday, June 20, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Yet another party wrap up. How exciting. And yes, I'll be as vague as possible on purpose.

Aiden and I headed down the street yesterday morning, picked up a present, met Isaac and Sam, who were recovering from their wild night (Isaac almost did a Hayden on Sam's door). Went to the centre again, saw Meg, Jess and Aiden, and we promptly wasted time in Target, since Aiden figured he'd pick up another squishy animal for Annie. Lady Ducksworth, we decided. Got nachos too, and Emily made them.

Back home, burnt a few hours, Tom arrived out of nowhere, after some mario kart we headed to Annie's. Few kids there, saw Marly and Brad (who was in a dress, naturally), and we chilled while everyone else trickled in. Highlights included Gavin and Potter as aerobics instructors (with matching fluro tights), Meg as Aiden, and Tom as an alligator. Photos are on facebook (funny, I uploaded em this morning, the first gallery just ticked over 200 photos and wouldn't let me put any more in. So now there's two). Annie seemed to like her presents, especially the camera that Potter organised. Though I think she'll get a kick out of the shirt Emma and I got her.

So, drinking, whinging, laughing at other's misfortune, the usual. We rocked out to Tribute, as usual, then Pat and Aiden had control of the iPod for ages. They played a lot of Powderfinger. Chatted to a few kids, including Annie's brother, who's pretty cool.

Kids started nicking off for maccas run or four, so we retreated inside and went on chat roulette. Amusing. Headed back outside to the fire while everyone nicked off, much arguing over the music (Isaac and I managed to get through half of Ten, then Annie's friends from Foster put on Brokencyde and Parkway Drive, but then Bernice said screw it and put on Temper Trap. So it goes), floated around, then crashed in the bungalow thingy.

Woke up to Patrick singing Powderfinger, but we avoided him trumpeting a fanfare to wake Clare and Isaac up. By this time it was raining, so we dragged the tents down, and the Bairnsdale kids nicked off. After Pat and Gavin spent ages saying goodbye to everyone, I walked home, nearly collapsed, had a shower instead, and I have done nothing of value since.

Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne with Ryan, James and Geordie to watch a movie about a graffiti artist. Yup.



Friday, June 18, 2010


'Lo readers.

Cumpster's around at the moment, chatting to Fraser about bogans.

Today was the last day of school, thank gawd.

First up was bio, Georgia played a flash game with us to teach us about genetic sequencing.

Then history, we ended up playing hangman. We're all too good.

Recess. Cold.

Off to media, we finished watching the movie.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - ***1/2.
A little dated, but not bad. Kinda slow too, pretty preachy. Girl was hot.

Lunchtime. It was cold, so we headed to the common room. Lulu, Ryan and I drew stick figures of each other. This grew into Pat drawing portraits of each of us as phalluses. Very amusing. Then a spare, Sarah tried to smash a sudoku thing while Alison defaced Kristen Stewart.

Homeroom was meh, report's pretty bland (it's all S, no actual marks), pep talk from Ms Dyke, then an assembly with a million awards given out.

After that, headed to the boardo to pick up Aiden, then walked down the street to devour two boxes of chips between the six of us and muse over some problems (HATERS GONNA HATE!). Then we wandered around looking for costume and present ideas. Ended up saying hi to David Flynn in maccas, then headed home, watching Top Gear and the footy. Essendon, I am disappoint!

Tomorrow, gotta head down the street to pick up some supplies, then off to Annie's. Should be fun. Interesting at least.



Thursday, June 17, 2010


'Lo all.

I jinxed today. It looked good in the morning.

Slept through chapel, biology became another cut and paste lesson for some reason, then off to double spare where I wasted it. I wasted it. Too many kids. At least it was warm in the library, laughing at people's problems in Girlfriend with Georgia.

At lunch it was pouring rain. The droogs headed out to play basketball and naturally got saturated. I stayed inside the locker room thing and tried to learn the poem for lit with Ryan, Bernice and Emily. Which I did.

We started the second area of study in history next, which should be good, though it's big. Hurm. Patrick fell asleep, poor bastard.

Then lit, Ms Dosser's finally warming to us, which is amusing. Only took six months.

After school, it was cold and windy and I had to ride around town. Halfway through, some bastard had conveniently left a thumbtack on the road, which naturally punctured my goddamn tyre. Bastard. Absolute scumbag, hope they die slowly of AIDS. So I limped back to civilisation and whistled for a cab and when it came near the licence plate said fresh and had a dice in the mirror. Finished run after the medicine lady in one of the nursing homes asked if I would hang out with her eighteen year old son. Um. What?

Get home, internet dies, so I clean out the shed a bit since Cumpster's dropping in tomorrow. Might not be a blog post tomorrow, and just in case, there definitely will not be one Saturday night.

Tomorrow's the last day of term, thank gawd. Too much fatigue. Gotta get some stuff for my costume tomorrow, then we're set for the weekend too.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Today was freeeeeeeeeezing. And I forgot my trackies. Oh well. It's not like I needed functioning limbs, right? Must be fine cos my heart's still beatin.

Bio first up, we had to cut out a buttload of little chromatids, but we didn't have enough time to stick them down. Waste of bloody time.

Then media, started watching Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (not the Bernie Mac/Ashton Kutcher one) and discussed the civil rights movement.

Recess, we all hung out in a corridor trying to remember history quotes. Then into the breach. Smashed this SAC. Smashed it. I just dunno how effective the smashing was.

Then lit, we sorted out holiday classes (I don't have class on my birthday, but I do have class before I can prepare for my party. Meh), then finished the poem. Meh.

Lunch was cold so we kicked around a bouncy ball after we were kicked out of the gym. Inside the locker room. Pat jumped upwards, smashing his head into the concrete ceiling. He was a little concussed but enraged enough to kick a huge metal bin 3 feet.

Off to indoor soccer with Dayno Insayno, since Captain Amanda picked me first we cherry picked the very best of the indoor soccer kids, like a pair of crazy-good year tens, and Dayne. We kicked arse, naturally.

After school, did a Responsible Service of Alcohol course in the lecture theatre. Open book test and a certificate for $30. Meh. Pretty dull, nothing difficult, froze on the way home but got pizza, so it's all good.

Right now I'm hunting down some shoegaze and wasting time. Gruen Transfer's back. Todd Sampson is my hero, he climbed Everest by himself and doesn't afraid of anything.

Tomorrow's DOUBLE SPARE THURSDAY. It'll end up me and Sarah sleeping while Potter and Georgia rant and Gavin reads the paper. Probably.



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heart in a Cage.

'Lo all.

Jesus god it was so cold this morning, I woke up and my breath was misting in front of me. Inside the shed. Not good.

Off to school, spare first up. Chilled with Sarah while Georgia explained that no, she did not throw water on Jake and Alison. I sense a feud. I'll be laughing the whole time. Then we all made fun of Sarah for being old.

Media was the start of the new unit, so we did Australian values. Interestingly, we value the back seat on the bus ("WE'RE GODDAMN YEAR TWELVES, WE HAD TO EARN THE BACK SEAT, NOW THE LITTLE BASTARDS ARE JUST TAKING IT!") and free music downloads. We are scumbags.

Recess. Cold. Chatted to Isobelle about the terrifying history SAC tomorrow.

Then double maths, slept through most of it.

Lunch. Cold. Learnt a poem for lit. How exciting.

Then lit, recited bits of the stupid poem, and Ms Dosser made fun of Jasper, who was wearing a very inconspicuous scarf to cover his neck. Meh.

After school, got money, went home, studied like hell. Sick of it. I should be alright.

Tomorrow, SAC, then I'm doing the responsible serving of alcohol thing. Should be good for the resume, I guess.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, June 14, 2010

4 - nil.

'Lo all.




Tomorrow's doubles day, things just keep getting better and better.



Sunday, June 13, 2010


'Lo all.

I'm a little late because I just fell asleep. Sue me.

So yesterday, I got up late, wandered down the street for supplies and caught up with a very stressed out Emily, then went to the train station where Potter and Jess played music really loudly in the toilets. We caught a bus all the way to Bairnsdale, and were the loudest people on there.;

Isaac gave us a lift to Kelly's, then everyone else rocked up. It was semi formal until Hayden, Aiden and Pat arrived.

These men are legends. They froze.

We walked down to a pier where there was a boat and a man in a captain's hat. Boat was pretty fun, lots of free food then when we wrangled control of the iPod thing, we screamed Tribute and Killing in the Name, and tried to flip the boat moshing to Smells like Teen Spirit. The boat stopped, we got out, and Patrick and Aiden jumped in the water to try and get rid of all their paint.

Headed off to a scout hall in the middle of nowhere to stand around fires and get smashed after that. Pretty amusing. Basically stuck around the fire chatting to Emma and whoever else sat around. Highlights included Alison and Georgia fighting over poor old Jake, Louise and Wingram retreating to a tent, and getting awesome cake. Eventually we all decided to sleep, not that anyone did. Back was killing me. For some reason everyone woke up at 5, then Pat wiggled over to steal Potter's pillow, so they were all shouty for an hour til even I crashed.

Woke up about ten, we climbed trees and threw rocks and a broom at Hayden and Pat. Game changed somewhat when they caught the broom. Cleaned up, walked down a hill to get breakfast (BACON!!!) and there was a possum and Mad Max and a playground. Awesome.

Got a lift to the station, crappy coffee, then bus home. I should have started learning this poem for lit, but oh well.

Tomorrow is work, and history revision all day. Don't know whether I should watch the World Cup match or not, I watched South Africa play Mexico and was disappointed because it was a draw, but I'm a little annoyed I miss UK vs USA, if only because of the goalie screwing up that bad.

Hurm. Hurm hurm hurm.



Friday, June 11, 2010


'Lo readers.

So last night the internet was down and there was no blog post. My bad.

Get to school, lame chapel, then into the GAT. Was pumped. Absorbed Sarah and Agnik's brains, then smashed the multiple choice. They were all like, "Dude, why you smash me so hard?"

Then the essays, first one was lame about deep sea exploration. Was tempted to mention Bear Grylls, but then I remembered Mrs Dosser's threat of castration if I did. Then the second one was easy, ranted about terrorism and pollution in cities. Should have mentioned Ryan Leyden or Optimus Prime or Kate's party.

At lunch we got a buttload of free pizza. Seriously, like thirty slabs worth. Naturally, we went nuts, I lost count after five pieces. The droogs collected the little table things and played jenga with them. So good to have done it.

Next, they sheparded us into the lecture theatre to listen to a university interview ramble about resume and interview technique. He was mildly amusing, especially with the kids he picked to talk. He called James Gray the real school captain, which naturally made us laugh. Oh, controversy.

Work sucked because I was rushing in order to get to the next work,, which was alright. Cookie gave me a spare spring roll, and Sammy and I talked Daft Punk while he blared Alive 2007. So good.

Today, on the other hand, went pretty slowly.

Literature was a shock first up. We finished the first poem, fourteen more to go.

Then maths. Slept.

Recess was raining, headed off depressed to double biology, which was ever so much fun. We played with streamers then pegs.

Lunch was pretty quiet until Pat pulled a soccerball out of nowhere, and since the courts and gym were taken we decided to play deathball. At one stage the wind caught the ball and it sailed towards a group of year eights (nines?) kicking a footy around. They kicked it out to the middle of nowhere then gave us the finger. Instead of tackling them, Aiden (the school vice captain), stole their ball and warned them all threatening like. Punk kids.

Anyway. Spare was so good. Chatted about exploits with the police, Jay's poker night sounded like fun.

Then history, got half a practice SAC done, now four to do over the weekend before the real deal on Wednesday.

After school, headed down the street with the usual suspects, devoured some chips, then wandered around picking up supplies. Pat, Hayden and Aiden's costumes will be goddamn hilarious.

Off to work, there was a table of thirty coming in, but not til 830/9. So, a lot of potatos were peeled while Cookie, Jords and I swapped South Park quotes. Then we got smashed but it wasn't that bad. On my way home, saw a couple of friends making new friends outside a pub. I lol'd.

Tomorrow, no blog post as I will be celebrating Kelly's birthday by getting smashed. I promise there will be pictures.

And yes, I've been lazy with adding photos to the blog lately because I've been chucking them on facebook, instead of resizing them for here. Should I keep doing this or is the embedded photo thing good? You decide!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surf Solar.

'Lo everyone.


Media first up today, we watched the intro to the Monterey Pop festival (but no actual music, and especially no burning sacrifices) and half an episode of The Monkees, where they had Kellogg's product placement and a cutaway shot to Hitler. We were a little shocked. Spongebob on steroids.

Then a spare, slept.

Recess was cold and rainy, which sucked.

Maths was cold too, chatted to Nemo and Kelly. Happy birthday to Kelly as well.

Then off to lit where we discussed how much the class sucks and how we probably wouldn't study the last book. Not sure if this is a good thing. Either way we all suck, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Lunch was cold so we all ended up in the common room, where Pat and Hayden compared nipples.

Sport sucked. Freezing wind and rain. Grass was too damn slippery. Despite Aiden's goddamn heroics (half the other team tried to slide tackle him as he ran the entire pitch) and Pat's two goals, we lost by one. Dammit.

Get home frozen, tried to sort out some extras for the media thing, and here I am. Got a lot of music. I am a bad person.

Tomorrow is GAT. More like GAY, amirite?



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Atom Tan.

'Lo all.

Pissed off.

Got into an argument about the Beatles with a metalhead troll last night. I took the bait.

Sleepless night worrying about exam.

Get to school today, too cold to worry, get in, smash multiple choice, work through short answer, no real problems apart from a couple of things that weren't in the textbook. Left mildly satisfied.

Off to maths, we laughed about the upcoming parties and swapped stories about seeing music live.

Then biology. Felt so out of place, was the only year twelve in there. Such fun. Year elevens are all smarter than me anyway. Excruciating.

Wanted to sleep through lunch. Chilled with the usual suspects. Tom and Jackson kicked a footy around, which promptly went over the thing behind the kitchens. Then Mr Bacon arrived. We laughed. Girls whinged about exam and how OMGSODIFFICULT it was.

Off to lit, got lectured. Poor Ms Dosser. She's so enthusiastic. There's only five kids in the class and out of them I don't think they're all paying attention.

Then a spare, chilled with Gavin and Denny. Headed down the street with Denny to get money and chips, chatted to MattyT, went home and wasted time.

I'd like to state something that's pissing me off. ALOT IS NOT A WORD. ALLOT means to allocate or distribute. A LOT means a great amount of something. ALOT is nothing. You are in year twelve. If I was education minister I wouldn't let kids graduate primary school without knowing how to read and write. But then I guess that would make me a Nazi or a commie or something, I dunno. Sue me. It's goddamn annoying.

I'm sick of metalheads posting lyrics too.

Tomorrow will be cold and annoying.

I want to sleep. Just sleep.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, June 7, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Not really much to post this evening. I do realise I've skipped the rest of the weekend. Maybe this indicates how boring my weekend was.

So Saturday was work, Kyle's leaving cos Jeremy offered him a better job. Across the street. This will be interesting.

Yesterday, nothing interesting. Got a little news out of Jake's, sounds like kids had fun. Pretty amusing though. I would have lost money if I was a betting man.

Today was a day off school, which as fantastic as it was, ended up being 90% practice exams to 10% eating and facebook. Ever so much fun. Best part is, highest score on a practice exam so far is 65/75.

Tomorrow, exam, then chill in classes. Hurm. Wish me luck.



Friday, June 4, 2010

In The Court of the Crimson King.

'Lo everyone.

Friday is best day. Cept it's really cold and creepy at the moment.

Today was the Beardman's birthday as well, so happy birthday, got him a subscription to the Age so he doesn't forget about the Green Guide again.

Off to school to smash the BFB, which I did, then I got Belle hooked on trip hop, namely Worriedaboutsatan. Muwhahahaha.

Satisfied that I'd finished my media folio like a boss, we shouted happy birthday to Dayne, then I enjoyed my spare in the sun playing solitaire and contributing to Jay and Tahlia's chatterbox things in the most obscene way possible.

Maths next, got next to nothing done because I am a bad person. I'm also very tired. Hurm, s

Lunchtime, finally. A little dull. Didn't get to play dodgeball because everyone disappeared, so we hung out and basically did nothing.

Bio sucked. We've done maybe 90% of the course. Oh well, we're screwed, but we're all screwed equally, right?

Finally history, watched more movie. I liked the bit where they waved the guy's head around on a pike.

Went down the street with Denny, Isobelle and Ryan, got some chips with the boardos, then hung out in the centre with Shona and Maddy. We might have freaked them out a bit.

Get home, get changed, have some fish and chips then off to work. There were two million old people there to see a show, and they all decided to have dinner beforehand. Argh. Cleared the sink in less than an hour, then a billion more dishes came in. Oh well. Home relatively early, earlier than I expected. That's the good thing about shows, almost all of the dishes stop once the show starts. Such fun riding home to King Crimson through the fog too.

And now here I am, enjoying my Friday night filling out my Nick Cave discography and wasting time. Wish I could sleep in tomorrow, but I'm working then too. Joy. Need the money for Kelly's and Annie's anyway.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phat Meegz.

'Lo readers.

Boy oh boy. I do love the internet deciding to desert me in my hour of need. Not that I had any real need. I just don't like it dropping out. Last year was so bad (amirite Amaya?), and I've gotten used to it being reliable.

Anyway. So yesterday was the cross country. So, naturally, about half the year stayed home. Amazing how much these colds get around at this time of year.

Get to school nervous because I had the same cold (and thus head was stuffed) and a sore back. Realised the lack of training I had done. Oh well. Off to bio, got SAC marks back and went over more exam type stuff.

Then media, smashed some more folio.

Recess was cold. Kids begin to crap themselves out of fear for what they found themselves preparing for.

History was quiet, got stuff done.

Then lit, it's a very sad day when I'm answering most of the questions. Still, memorised the poem then screwed up writing something on the board. We did not sign up for audience participation.

Lunchtime was hell. Meg kept saying how nervous she was as she wrapped Jess's leg, while Tom offered us burrito. Typical.

Get on the buses, year twelve party bus, Maddy and I made a bet. I owe her five pushups for betting on a supremely pumped Pat over an ill Aiden. Oh well.

The thing about having the last race on the day is that you're waiting around for ages wondering how much of a warm up you should do, and
basically getting lazy because you put it off. We did enjoy watching the little kids come in though. Here's a photo of Hayden, Isaac and Tom.

They ran like this. It represents the attitude 90% of year twelve had towards the cross country this year. Nearly everyone walked, and Will and co brought an inflatable raft. Lots of kids went swimming too. Naturally the teachers weren't impressed, though Ms Henry said it was good to show house spirit.

Anyway. Our race sucked. I had one goal, which was to beat Wingram for the third time this year. I didn't. I got a good start but he kept creeping up on me, and I slowed right down when we hit the creeks. On the second crossing, Denny and Oliver were being trolls and trying to stop people crossing the bridge. He caught me on our way up the hill, as we hit Mr Anderson at the same time, so I had to stop to get the bloody mark on my hand. Then I ran into a cluster of year nines, who laughed at me for trying and wouldn't get off the goddamn path. Bastards. Wingram sprinted away and I didn't recover.

Coming up to the straight, going around the oval again, I had a good twenty metres on Bowman, who was being held by Robbie the year eleven. He warned me about Bowman, so well done that man. Sprint to the finish, get fourth, Ms Dyke says my run was disappointing.

Binks ended up coming third, though there was some pretty good runs. Jess and Meg got second in their races, as did Pat, and Cumpster won ours. Aiden beat Gavin, who beat Dayne, and Tom had an awesome sprint when he finished his. Girls did pretty good too, considering how many of them were taking it seriously.

So, go back to school, Kelly was injured so kids were worried, stick around and do media, folio is so close to being finished, got two more things to do.

Home, and the internet's dead. Beardman and ISP, I am disappoint.

And then today (don't you just love double posts). Today was a good day, I think.

Get to school, freeze to death, smashed the quiz in homeroom because there was a question on Pink Floyd.

Course, this display of bad arsery made us late to chapel (lol). Turns out we had GUIDED MEDITATION for the year twelves only. Last time they tried this, we couldn't stop laughing. They were clever here and decided to do it early in the morning, when we were all still half munted from the cross country. I didn't take part, just chilled while Finky read the paper and Ryan tried to learn the poem for lit.

Then off to bio, where we read each other's SACs instead of learning about blood types. Joy.

Decided to sacrifice my double spare to work on my BFB. But first I finished the lit homework (turned out we didn't have to but I saved half the class doing it themselves, going to go kill myself). Then annotated stuff and got into an argument about movies with Emma, Emily and Potter. Transformers 2 was a terrible movie. Vomit on screen. However, is it hypocritical that I enjoyed Iron Man? You decide!

Lunch was cold, but ridiculous. Started a war with Emma, which she won cos I kept tripping over my bag.

Off to history, Isobelle and I smashing it because everyone else was half asleep. Gotta love autopilot.

Then lit. Again, it's sad when alex is the one taking up the slack. On bloody poetry. We are all doomed. DOOMED!

Work was meh, nothing special. Picked up birthday presents for Dayne and Beardman.

Get home, get down, chillax. Should be doing some homework for history.

So yeah, not a bad two days. I am unhappy about the bike being stupid, Noobie leaving, my body deciding to quit on me today (LEGS! WHAT HAPPENED! WHY ARE YOU STILL SORE!), and the fact that I've got an exam on Tuesday. But for now, chill. Long weekend coming up.

Tomorrow's when the BFB is due, but I should be alright. Just gotta draw an ad, then annotate some mockups, and I'll hand it in. Might be done before the end of the double, shock horror. Then work. Joy.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010


'Lo all.

Stayed up far too late last night.

Get to school, no assembly, so spare first up. Was frustrated with malfunctioning and broken headphones.

Off to media, finished storyboards and got halfway through mockups. Oliver's script is good, steals a bit much from other movies, but it'll be good to watch if he can pull it off.

Recess. Need an easy way out.

Off to double maths. I fell asleep for serious reals this time. Not good. Brenno redeemed himself by labelling Sarah Heath "the new Andrew Skehan" because she was constantly fighting with Lucas. We lol'd.

Lunchtime. We made a bottle dance on the table. Then we made a tub dance. So we had races (BOTTLE KICKS ARSE!). Oliver then treated us to a karate display that ended up destroying said bottle.

Off to double lit, we played with the projector that hooks up to the tv. It was so cool. Then a session on the GAT, Mrs Dosser made me want to go and read all the really stupid responses kids have made.

After school, finished everything except the annotations for media, so now it's just annotate everything and make sure I've got permissions to film. Picked up a pair of headphones on the way home, and they nearly broke. Jipped, man.

Played around on audiotool, got Teardrop going, then the browser broke and I lost it. But now I can play bits of it on piano, so it's all good I guess.

Tomorrow is cross country. Gotta beat Wingram, even though I'm sick.