Friday, May 7, 2010

You're it.

'Lo all.

I am getting sicker, suddenly I have a cold too. Just want to sleep for a week.

Anyway. School and all that. Double media first up, finish everything except the writing, and help Geordie and Ruby out.

It was cold at recess, so Alison and I hung out under the big ventilation things that shoot out slightly warmer air, before a spare where Sarah, Georgia and I sat in the sun chatting to Potter and Gavin who whinged about the sun being too hot. Hurm.

Maths SAC was easy, I'd been given a couple of hints by Jasper and Tom, so I smashed the bastard with ten minutes spare. Emma said it was pretty easy for her too, so either there's something wrong with some of the teachers or the kids are getting wise with the disinformation campaign to scare us.

Lunch, went to the media room with Emma to scrawl out two responses and then burnt a disc to hand in. SAC done. Now, the big folio bastard, but I have a month of continuous stuff. Just gotta storyboard, research, get permissions, schedule shoots, hire cameras, sort out soundtrack...

Got back to the real world in time to miss Sam, Isaac and Hayden's amateur gymnastics. Headed off to biology, kids were waiting outside because Baconizer was talking to Mrs Brown about the SAC they were whining about yesterday. We started the immune system today. It'd be better without all the army metaphors. Yes, lymphocytes are like SAS, they have to protect the fortress.

Then history, watched some 80s movie about France, again, we stopped just before a big plot point. Oh well.

After school, headed down the street in the rain with the horde, got chips and headed to Place C (the mystical one we've never been to before) since the boardos joined us and we figured there wasn't enough room inside the shop. Place C is now officially the Donut King tables in the centre. Aren't we clever. Screwed around in the centre for a while, picked up some mi goreng with Ryan, Pat bought a mother's day present, and Kelly and Sam made us start tiggy in Coles. Very fun. Saw heaps of kids down the street, like Emily at her new job. After getting a red alert ("is that-" "no way" "RUN!"), Pat and I ended up wandering around in the mall since everyone else nicked off, then I went home.

And here I am. Chucked some stuff on usb for Emma, gotta do one for Tom next, and now I'm considering starting lit. Or watching Apocalypse Now, I dunno.

Tomorrow, no work (though they might call me up), so sleep in, then homework. Fantastic. Fuelled by Tame Impala and mi goreng, to take inspiration from George.


Anyway, the end.

(camera's out of batteries, I was going to get a photo of Tom's mutant banana and Pat and Sam in Iron Man masks. Need to recharge them all, hurm).

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