Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?

'Lo all.

Raining today. Cold and windy. So much fun.

Get to school, off to assembly, trailer for the school play. Not a musical this year, instead it's a modernised adaptation of The Great Dictator, set in a supermarket.

Media first up, time to start storyboarding tomorrow. Joy. Got a week and a half left, going to smash these bastards.

Maths, on the other hand, was pretty slow. Trigonometry is so much fun. It is my favourite thing to do ever.

Recess. Lotta kids, nothing particularly interesting.

Then history, I'm doing fine just I have to stop doing the practice SACs when I'm tired. Mr Ries pointed out that I kept switching between supporting and contradicting one of my points. Should have picked up on that.

Bio was a little confusing, we smashed a practice exam while being lectured on viruses. Then while trying to correct the practice exam, the class got into an argument with the teacher. Hurm. Next time, give us the answer sheet, it's a lot less confusing

Lunch. Quiet. Bottles getting chucked around, Belle got a cake (happy birthday!), kids made fun of Alison, business as usual. Cept it was FREEZING COLD ARGH.

Lit was alright, got a bit more of a crash course in the article, which means once I get it back I'll have to rewrite large amounts of my essay. It's too long already! Followed by a spare, was good to chillax.

Went home, have done nothing. Call it a day off. I've only got bio to do.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Joy.



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