Wednesday, May 19, 2010


'Lo everyone.

So it was cold again today. It's only going to get worse.

House meetings first up, fairly pointless exercise apart from hearing Aiden yell the bird bits in the song from the Lion King.

Then media, I've started my statement of intention. The aim is to finish this then start writing proper treatments, then begin storyboarding by the end of the week. Problem is, I dunno about crapping my way through a page worth of this. Oh well.

Bio in the computer rooms was meh, got more notes, now it's just a matter of summarising them and making a glossary. I passed the last SAC too, yay.

Recess was cold, scribbled out some more literature to satisfy Mrs Dosser.

History was alright, cept I left my homework at home, typical. Helped Patrick out a bit since he was behind, and we talked Nerf guns. They want a nerf war at my eighteenth. Hurm.

Lit, got our SAC thing, going to analyse this then write an essay on it. I think I understand it, but again I dunno how I'm going to stretch it out to three paragraphs.

Lunch was cold and meh, Isaac decided we should make sand castles but they didn't turn out so good, but oh well.

Then off to soccer with the droogs, we were up against the blues (supported by a pair of reds). Close game, Dayne had a couple of very close shots at goal, Aiden ran down half the pitch and nearly scored a goal, but we kept missing. 2 minutes to go, and the red kids score a goal. God dammit.

After school, went home, and I've been experimenting with this audiotool program for media. I've now got two techno-ey IDM tracks that I made all by myself. Yay. I'll make a couple more, edit them a bit, then they'll be good for use in my ads. Maybe I should submit them to Unearthed. What's a good name? I'll be the next Aphex Twin.

Tomorrow is going to be good because it's DOUBLE SPARE THURSDAY YESSS.



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