Friday, May 14, 2010

We No Speak Americano.

'Lo all.

Still alive.

Got up far too late, so I didn't post a letter. My bad.

Double bio first up at school, confusing and boring. Chatted to Sarah, her old school sounds pretty stupid. Then a movie, fell asleep almost. Pretty amusing, very late eighties stuff.

Then a spare, which was pretty good. Chilled out with a coffee and solitaire.

History next, I think I'm getting better at this. Going to smash a practice SAC tomorrow. Another Sarah told me Dossertron was feeling really sick and had gone home. Poor Mrs Dosser.

Lunch was cold, helped Alison clean out her locker while throwing cue cards at her, and Bernice and Emma went through my camera. It's good to have more batteries, though they're still crap.

Spare again. Chilled, chatted to Emily, played more solitaire. 'sgood.

Off to maths, Sam had stolen about a hundred packets of sugar and a cup from somewhere, so we emptied them all. This was the result.

Spose you can't see it all that well, but we filled the bastard up. Afterwards, headed downstairs, Isaac agreed to have it thrown at him. I was going to film it, but the batteries died. I was lucky to get one more photo. Teachers almost sprung us, which was amusing, but then it's not like we were all inconspicuous. 30/40 kids all staring at something and screaming, we're up to something. Anyway, I got a good shot of Isaac just before all the sugar hit him, which is on facebook. It was a little disappointing, still funny though.

Went home, went driving with Trev, he says I'm getting better at this manual business, then chilling out and not really doing much.

Tomorrow, not sure what's going on, need credit.



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bernice said...

i like the title for this one! good song, well kinda, its very catchy.
anyways im getting back into the whole blog thing, but in a different way. its gonna focus more on my photographs. yay :D