Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toujours la même chose.

'Lo readers.

Cold. Rainy. Such fun.

Get to school, we had a year level meeting and got exam timetables and such. Getting scary. Then chapel where we pretended to sing, zoned out again, suddenly on our way to maths where no teacher rocked up. We argued about ditching, Sam, Kelly and Nemo did, then Mrs Ripon turned up and said she'd forgot she said she could cover the class, so we got ten minutes worth. Meh.

Recess. Very important.

Lit was next, Mrs Dosser was dying and was in a strangely good mood, we finished the movie.

Slaughterhouse Five - **1/2
Someone who hadn't read the book would not understand this. I didn't like it. Some bits were good. But they skimped on the aliens, and for that, minus a million.

Biology was rushing through more immune system. SAC next week, I think. Fantastic. Then study for exam, can't wait.

Lunchtime. Dull, cold, meh. Nearly fell asleep under my locker, music got really loud all of a sudden, so I stood up and listened to Denny rant about his dream that involved Big Gay Hunters and huge black panthers... yeah. So, figured I'd go up to the common room to see if anyone was there, chilled with Emma under the heater.

History was a little dull but that was only because everyone was so tired, even Mr Ries. We're slowly getting a grip on this stuff though. Rich French people = stupid.

Then media, got a brainstorm drafted and ten clear ideas to do. It's slowly coming together.

Scream home in the rain, then off again. Work was dull but I was rushing. Get home, get some food, check the news, off to work again, this time in the kitchen. It was quiet enough, talked music with Sammy and Cooky, got out early which is good.

And now here I am talking to the frenchling and listening to the Diamas. Yes, I'm doing a bit of cross promotion. These guys are from my school, they're pretty damn good, and if you listen to them enough we get a free gig with them and British India headlining. So, give em a listen and a download.

Tomorrow is Friday. Got a driving lesson in the afternoon. Isn't my life exciting.



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