Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tara's and other adventures in Bairnsdale.

'Lo all.

Mad adventures yesterday.

Got up late, Denny dropped in, got a lift to the station, train it down with Kate, Tabby, Jenny and Alison, then Pat picks us up. Denny nearly gets crucified by Pat's mum for wanting to stop for grog.

Get to Pat's, fire nerf guns at each other, Denny comprehensively beats me at mariokart, then off to Gavin's. It was very spooky, foggy as all hell, and we got lost. We finally got to Gavin's, suited up (oh god, so funny), then Isaac dropped in, finally went to Tara's.

Party was alright, was very amusing watching Alison, Jenny and Tabby manipulate Wingram and some drunk guy (smashed when we got there, then he demolished a slab) into not picking up, play even more Mariokart, dance, drink, the usual. Happy birthday for Tuesday, Tara, we'll get your awesome present to you by then.

That night, couldn't sleep. Back was killing me, and there was a huge clock that chimed every fifteen minutes. Plus we were in front of a fire, so I was melting. Joy. I do remember waking up, and we chilled and cleaned up and such. Got the bus back to Sale, girls were whinging about each other the whole way there. Three cakeface whores who were smoking at the station (looked about Fraser's age too) got on the bus, but there were no spare seats so they had to cab it all the way to Sale. Lololololol.

Get home, do a bit of biology revision, chat to the usual suspects. Meh.

Tomorrow, practice bio exam, and smashing down some media. Gotta finish it all by the end of the week.



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