Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stroll On.

'Lo everyone.

I need the weekend to hurry up.

Nothing particularly exciting about today, really.

Went to go to school on my repaired bike, and it's got a flat tyre. I did say it'd be out of action before the end of the week. Stupid machine.

Get to school, media first up, started storyboarding the title screens. Now I've only got ten more to do. Then I've only got photo mockups. Then I can annotate. Joy. I've got a week.

Then a spare, chilled out while trying to do some biology. I do hate working in my spares.

Recess. Cold.

Maths was meh, trig's easy, finished the exercise and slept for ten minutes.

Then lit, got my essay back and Dosser seems satisfied. Weird.

Lunch was quiet, so Ryan and I headed up to the common room to see what was going on. It was warm up there. Chatted to the usual suspects, then off to soccer, where Binks played Tisdall and got smashed. They've got all the pro players. We've got Aiden and Pat. They did set up two awesome goals for Dayne though, well done those men. We still lost 4-3. Got back to school, kids are covered in mud, then went down the street to get money, hung out with Denny and Emily. Wish I had more free time.

Go home, get down, emerge a few hours later with all my biology done and my lit essay edited and ready to get re-planned out.

So now that my homework's 90% done, here I am. Meh.

Tomorrow, lit SAC, gotta hand in my bio work, gotta ride around town, gotta play some music, might even go out for dinner with the other musos. Hurm. Shame it's no spare Thursday.


Anyway, the end.

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