Friday, May 21, 2010

Solitude is Bliss.

'Lo readers.

So today was our last house cultural festival. We went out with a bang, naturally.

Get to school, double media first up, nearly finished my statement of intention thing (just gotta put in a bit more stuff on audience expectation), then we're storyboarding. Got a bit sidetracked playing on audiotool. I am Aphex Twin. Ms Robbins dropped in, admired Ruby's haircut, then we all had to go.

First up was the vocal groups, and they all seemed terrified. Binks had a double bass, pretty cool. Jake had a ukelele, which was also pretty cool.

Then the jazz section, Dargo did alright, Tisdall was good except they only had Isobelle on trumpet, so given the circumstances they sounded pretty good (Dayne thought they cut too much out of it, since it was a big band piece), then Binks, with Jenny singing Feeling Good (no distortion like the Muse version), and then Blundell, with a huge horn section.

Rock section. What we were there for. Dargo first up, doing Hell's Bells. Will had his school uniform on, and a pair of devil horns, and Robbo was smashing a gong. Sounded good until Will went on Robbo's shoulders for a solo.

Tisdall next. In costume. Sam was a stormtrooper, Peter was a dinosaur, Jackson was Superman (with a huge package), and there was Wonderwoman and Lester in leather pants and wig. They played a Tokio Hotel song, Jackson screaming the whole way through. Not so good.

Then Binks, not to be outdone, appeared in matching fursuits, with Jack out the front in a bear suit, Jasper on bass as a sheep, Josh Darby drumming and Rowlesy on rhythm guitar as rabbits. Aaron was the only one not in a suit, but he had pretty cool pants so I guess it was ok. They smashed Everlong, it was pretty good.

Finally Blundell, led by Emily, playing The Fixer. Not angry enough. Sounded fine, but there was no kick. No costumes either, cept for Sam Vuillerman as a pimp wizard, as Isaac described him.

Then lunch, chilled and regrouped with the usual suspects. Got back into the hall, Meg and Kelly had decided to sing with every house in the choir bit. Binks' sucked, typical, though I think you could hear Aiden shouting. Kids were throwing paper planes in Dargo's, which the teachers weren't happy about.

Then the dance. Very important. Junior dances were either terrible or vehicles for the kids who attend dance schools to show off. Senior dances were a bit different. Binks' starred Aiden, Tom, Pat, Cameron and Oliver as the Spice Girls. Here's a backstage photo from afterwards.

So yeah. Binks ended up drawing second with Dargo, and Blundell won.

Afterwards, headed down the street with the horde, Emily got a lift in Sam's new car, which is pretty cool. We got chips, met some boardos, went across town a few times, ended up chilling in front of La Porchetta and laughing at the skaterfag mallrats attempting parkour. When we visited Dick Smiths, we could hear the Jurassic Park theme. It was playing on a tiny car dvd player, and it was awesome. Also saw Denny's future car, a GT with Kermit attached to the rearview mirror. We lol'd. Oh yeah, and I picked up Innerspeaker and got a buttload of awesome bonus stuff.

Back home, I've been putting off lit. I am going to smash it as soon as I get home from work tomorrow.



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