Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready for What?

'Lo readers.

Tired. So tired. And sick too. Crap day, where's the reboot button...

Get to school fairly early, go to assembly, didn't screw up a solo, band still sounded dull because there were no percussionists. Typical.

Then a spare, played solitaire in the sun. Needed more spare.

Media was frustrating because by the time I got the footage on the computer, I realised a key shot was missing for some reason (WTF!) which means reshoots tomorrow afternoon and extra work at lunchtimes. Joy. Then the video editing software failed to load for anyone. SAC is going to hell, and we still need time for the big SAT plan thing.

Recess, pretty quiet from what I can remember.

Then maths. First period went over stuff, second period got the SAC, which was only multiple choice stuff. Pretty easy, took some informed guesses, confident that I at least passed it well.

Lunch. Quiet too. Chilled with Emma and Isaac and the droogs.

Then lit. Everyone was tired, Ms Dosser was in a bad mood, which was not helped by Jasper, Hayley and I. Indeed, I may have earned her emnity, but I'll make up for it. Started going through finding an interpretation on Slaughterhouse 5, I naturally jump to a marxist one but since I was on the spot and reeling, lost train of thought. Meh. I deserved the persecution.

Still tired, went down the street with Denny and Ryan, get some chips, boardos rock up, chat to Tom and Georgia til they nicked off to go hunting for Mother's Day presents. This reminds Denny and Ryan, so we traipse off to the centre to find suitable gifts, which ended up being chocolate and a Dido cd. Depressing.

Get home, go through more lit stuff. Kurt Vonnegut is depressing too. I mean, black humour and all, that's fine, but attempted suicide and his ultimate death from a fall, after all the stuff he did, that's just sad.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Need to catch up with Dossatron (and I must catch up with Ms Dyke about the cross country when I see her on Thursday), then indoor soccer which should be amusing.



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