Saturday, May 15, 2010

Raw Power.

'Lo all.

Today I slept in til 130, and spent the afternoon avoiding homework and being a pirate. Yarr.

I'm seriously considering buying Raw Power. A lot. Same goes for Tame Impala and The Black Keys, new stuff is excellent. Good thing I've been getting some work lately.

Brian and Justin dropped in for dinner, talked cars and tv shows, then I headed down the street. Got some maccas, rushed to the cinema, chatted to the boardos for a while (half of them had seen Robin Hood with Annie, the other half had gone to see some Miley Cyrus movie designed for 13 year olds, pretty amusing).

Robin Hood - ***
Not fantastic, not woefully terrible either. The ending is unsatisfying, it seem ed that the entire movie was just one big introduction, there was no stealing from the rich to give to the poor apart from one scene. Lots of big battles, rousing speeches, all that crap. Meh, says I.

After that, Denny, Ryan and I headed to maccas for more food, saw Sian, Jade and Shona there, and they were whinging. Got a lift home with Ryan, and here I am.

Tomorrow, going to go over some biology to catch up to where I think we're meant to be, and do a history practice SAC. And sleep in.


Anyway, the end.

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