Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick! Where's the IceHeal?!

'Lo all.

Jesus god I froze my balls off today, this is not cool. Especially since tomorrow's meant to be worse. It was pouring rain this morning and the power had gone out, causing panic for thirty seconds til I realised my backup clock was still working.

Scab a lift to school, jump under Emily's umbrella, no assembly so straight off to history. It was far too quiet, just annotating stuff. I can't stand doing this.

Then media, I have a sheet of inspiration type pictures to print out, then I gotta start a concept map before I write a set of treatments.

Recess. Freezing.

Off to maths, started geometry all proper like, pretty dull and frustrating cos it's stuff we've covered a billion times before.

Then bio. Kids and Mrs Brown were confusing each other. We have a week to rush through this unit before the SAC next week. Fantastic.

Lunch. Wandered around, tried to stay moving, hung out with the droogs, here's a photo of Hayden and Sam and their music department coffee.

Then off to lit. Got another handout, watched some more movie, there were no aliens and we stopped right before the firebombing. I am disappoint. Mrs Dosser is still disappoint in us, she gave back our weekend homework and said most of us sucked at it. Had a spare to regroup after this, got roped into a political discussion against Potter and Gavin. Potter thinks looking after asylum seekers who are escaping from war and disease is a bad thing because it's our taxpayer money that's helping them and they should be able to help themselves.

Scabbed a lift home, then straight to work on lit after catching up with Noobie and finding a stream of the new Black Keys album (it's awesome, will be buying it next week if I can find it), and then I practically gave up on lit because it was annoying. She expects us to write lots and lots but there's only so much you can stretch a point. I dunno. Maybe I am a failure.

Tomorrow's our expedition to the Catholic College to learn about VCE or something, I dunno. Should be amusing. Get us out of the cold, in theory.


Anyway, the end.

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