Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parchment Farm.

'Lo everyone.

I do feel sorry for the english kids. They've got a million things to do and no time to do it. They were comparing today how much of each essay they managed to finish today. Patrick was considering replacing his hands to write faster. Poor bastards. There's a reason I do lit. Good luck, anyway.

Get to school, chill in homeroom, dragged to chapel. It's all about mother's day, so I zoned out.

Biology was meh, copied down the bacteria colony things, then the girls got into an argument with Mrs Brown over what they could take into the test on Monday. Meh, says I.

Recess. The usual.

Then double spare. So good. Listened to InnerSpeaker again, it's definitely growing on me. Lucidity, I have decided, is awesome. Yes, there's some bits that are synth heavy, and some unnecessary studio psych-wankery, but I don't mind, they're good songs. Anyway, chilled out, read my book, then Potter and Tahlia and I started swapping stories about primary school. Man, 545 has a buttload of screwed up kids. Seriously. Then a buttload of kids came in from finishing off english and maths SACs, so it was noisier, but Kelly gave me noodles so I guess it's ok.

Lunch. Cold. Followed Bernice to do some media work. Got the first bit done, two more to do tomorrow, only problem is I can't put text there to tell them apart. Crashes the program. Weird.

I guess history was alright, still doing big picture France stuff. Damn Sarah and her French accent. (Amaya, get back here, you'd school us all).

Then lit, watched the first bit of the movie adaptation of Slaughterhouse 5. We were literally two minutes away from seeing aliens, dammit! Emily and I warned Hayley about the deb, she's definitely looking forward to it. Poor girl. Though it's weird, it's been a whole year since we had to do it.

Get home, nick off again, pretty meh run. Figured I'd listen to Tame Impala again. Windy and cold.

I went over a bit of history and watched a movie since everyone was whinging on facebook.

Dogma - ***1/2
Funny bits, too many slow bits, predictable as buggery except for the big deus ex machina. Some good calls in it though.

And now here I am. I'm sick and everything hurts. On the plus side, for whatever reason they've given me the weekend off at work. This means I won't get any money. On the other hand, it being mother's day on Sunday and no dishie rostered, I'll probably get woken up to wash dishes anyway. Hurm. I'll get better first.

Tomorrow's Friday. Joy.



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