Monday, May 31, 2010

The Mercy Seat.

'Lo readers.

I'm dying. Need a week out. Stupid legs, why are you giving out two days before the cross country, I need to beat Wingram!

Anyway. Monday. Raining and cold. My favourite.

Kids were running around for practice exams this morning, I spent ten minutes outside the bio classroom til I said screw it and enjoyed a spare under the heater flicking through the textbook. Noticed a paragraph on blood types. Wow, that'd be useful, if only we'd been taught that in class.

Then off to lit, got to watch an ancient video about the life of John Keats. Spent half the time going on about his parents and how they bought and sold stables. Fascinating, absolutely riveting.

Recess. Cold. Kids were whinging about psych. World's tiniest violin, etc.

Off to history, smashed down half a SAC thing, business as usual as far as I can remember.

Then maths. Slept. Nemo was a bit worried about Kelly and Jordan, turns out Jordan got diagnosed with asthma. Poor girl, she's a runner too, it'll suck.

Lunch. Hung around with the usual suspects, chatted about costume ideas. Best one I heard was going as the blue dude from The Trapdoor.

Then biology practice exam. We were panicking because we were stupid, then we realised it was only a practice exam, so no one really cares. Apart from a couple of questions about stuff we haven't looked at (and is not in the textbooks), pretty meh. Would have passed it, I guess.

Since there was no band, spent an hour and a half storyboarding with Emma. Got three left, then I'm doing mockups, then I'm annotating. Goddamn. Not due til Friday. Plenty of time.

Come home, nothing exciting.

Tomorrow is doubles day. How exciting. My most favourite day of the week. And in lit, we're doing GAT prep. Fantastic. Oh well.



(My Bloody Valentine (the band, not the movie (the shoegaze hipsters, not BFMV!!!!!111!) are awesome, I've decided, though there's a disappointing lack of material).

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