Wednesday, May 5, 2010


'Lo all.

So. Damn. Cold.

Froze to school, then we have bio first up. I suppose disease and such is interesting.

Then media, all of my footage is now sorted out, so now it's just a matter of editing into three distinct movies. Can do that in the double on Friday, the trick will be finding time to write all the annotations. Hurm. Maybe Thursday lunchtime or something then.

Recess. Cold.

History was alright, though I can tell 18th century French tax reforms will get old. I want blood, beheadings, guillotines, Robespierre, unbridled terror!

Then lit, Dosser is still not happy with any of us, so we all scattered. Ended up in the VCE room finishing the work with April, printer was refusing to work, but oh well.

Lunch. Cold. Went upstairs with Emily to hang with Ryan, Denny and the rest, Ryan showed off his new invention. So much fun.

Then off to indoor soccer, where we lost to a heroically rag tag group of year tens and elevens. We all sucked, I guess. Meh.

After that, come home, was going to do some homework, ended up going on a download spree. Tame Impala's latest is alright, some really good stuff on it, pumped I found it two weeks early (and yes, I'll be paying for it when it comes out), and new free stuff from Interpol and The Black Keys. Woo.

Tomorrow's double spare Thursday, my favourite day of the week.


Anyway, the end.

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