Thursday, May 27, 2010

Instant Concert.

'Lo readers.

So tired. And sick.

Get to school, print out my revised essay, then replan it out because the first one was barely legible. Thus, didn't pay a lot of attention in chapel. Then the power went out.

Off to maths, smashed half a chapter. Naomi was handing out strepsils because we were all dying.

Recess. Panicking hard. Went off a bit early, we devoured fingernails, bitched a lot, and reread the same paragraphs over and over again. Such fun. Then Mrs Dosser arrived and Jasper literally sprinted through the door, a little amusing. My writing for this SAC was terrible, I'll be surprised if Dossertron can read it. But I finished it in a period, all one thousand words. Hells yeah.

Feeling a sense of numbness and mild relief, off to bio where we went over exam stuff and I got my homework checked. It's all done. Yay. Now just the practice exam on Monday, and the real thing Tuesday week.

Lunch was cold, so we went to the common room, chilled with Isaac, Hayden and Gavin, then went downstairs and into the locker thingy and watched Tom freak out some girls. Pretty funny.

History was meh, swapped some information with Prue, Annie and Ziggy, chatted about the upcoming run of parties. Gawd, I need a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume, a Wallace costume (need to find a Gromit), and something black and white. Plus I gotta find stuff for my "Raoul Duke" thing.

Finally media. Power was still out on half of the room (weird). We whinge about this for a while, since it meant we couldn't use our computers. Then Bernice walks in, so happy about being able to chill and use her computer. We laughed pretty hard. Got two storyboards done for the BFB, eight left, then photo mockups, then annotations. HURR!

After school, went home, went to work, nothing special, then got a lift to the Chinese joint to hang with some of the other musos. Pat's supreme organisational skills meant that half the kids decided they didn't actually want Chinese and went to maccas instead. Pat, Dayne, Claire, Aiden, and a pair of year elevens and I stuck it out, and it was good. Claire's food was on fire, it was pretty cool.

Went back to school, chilled for a while, then suddenly we were on and then we played and then we were off again. No dramas, no worries. Met Ryan afterwards, played some cards, watched the jazz band while Georgia went all prefect on some hormonal year eight's arses. Isobelle said to say she's awesome. Here's a photo of Aiden and Pat playing with their instruments.

You guys stay classy.

So back home, laughing at fundamentalist christians over msn with Ryan, and tomorrow's a day off. Woot. Going to hang with the droogs since I'm not going to Melbourne after all.



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