Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Howlin' For You.

'Lo all.


Off to school, sleep through assembly while Isobelle took media notes.

Spare first up, it was pretty awesome. Chatted to Potter while Georgia and Cameron revised their oral thing for Japanese. I can still remember the odd word. I couldn't string a sentence together though.

Then media, was "observed", tomorrow good version of the brainstorm then statement of intention.

Recess. Still cold.

Off to double maths, nothing too serious. Kelly is planning a surprise at her party, and barely anyone has any idea what it is. Apparently it's not a boat. Meh.

Lunch, thank gawd. Chilled, chatted to the usual suspects, Isaac used Julian's giant rubber band to fire bottles onto the gym roof. Here's a photo.

You can see awed faces in the background.

Then off to double lit, Noobie seemed happy with Brothers, went over stuff we did yesterday, then off to do some questions. Kids wouldn't shut up so I did some in the common room. Meh.

After school, headed down the street with the droogs. Little kids were pissing Emily off, and Denny was laughing at this, so I caught up with Ryan. Chips were good, half the Sale xXmetal/hardcoreXx crowd dropped in, they're alright.

Went home, did some biology, going to finish my lit now. Ryan showed me what he was planning to get me for my birthday, which is a huge tankard with the flippy lid. The man's a legend. Pat and Denny want to get me a giant Nerf machine gun. Jesus. Nerf wars might be fun though...

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and since I forgot my tracksuit pants I'm going to freeze on the way to school tomorrow, fantastic.


Anyway, the end.

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