Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everything In Its Right Place.

'Lo all.

Today was cold. You know this already.

Went to school, first up was media, got my inspirational pictures printed and discussed nerf guns with Pat, Oliver, Jake and Geordie. Shame you'd run out of ammunition so quick.

Then a spare, Cameron had David Thorne's book, so Gavin and Potter read selected chapters while I printed my lit homework and played solitaire. Good spare.

Recess. Cold.

Off to maths next, slept through some more geometry. It's only the basics at this stage, nothing complex or new yet.

Then lit, Mrs Dosser was in a good mood which was weird. Got a difficult reading to annotate, ever so much fun.

Twenty minutes of lunch, then onto the bus to go to St Pats. Pat was going all posh, he had a cane and a butler (a very in character Oliver), as well as a handful of photocopied monopoly money. Wish he had a top hat. We laughed about how we'd all probably get stabbed.

Get to the place, cheerful guy trying to encourage us to care about what he's saying, but we just wanted the free stuff from the university booths. There were like 400 kids there, so no one's questions were really going to be answered. Anyway, we wandered around, I got stuff from every place except Swinburne, which is annoying, but oh well. Caught up with Wakely and Mewha, saw a few other kids I hadn't seen in years. Not bad, bit dull, oh well.

Back to school, mass confusion about whether we had a spare or not. After messing around in the lit room for fifteen minutes (Jasper and Emily had a spanking competition, go figure), Lauren, Emma and I nicked off to the library to piss off Gavin and Tabby at this gears boardgame. And made naughty words out of the boggle letters, dohoho.

After that, headed home, got half of the homework done, off to work, which was fairly quiet, then home again. I just finished the questions. Meh.

Tomorrow (or later today, jesus god) is No Spare Thursday, which is my MOST FAVOURITE DAY OF THE WEEK. Hurm. Then work for the chemist THEN work for Bis again. Joy!

All the Mt Gambier Jazz kids, good luck, have fun, don't tear each other apart.



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