Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't wanna get up.

'Lo all.

So I just got back from a function in Bairnsdale. Lucky I didn't do a lot today.

Get to school after accidently sleeping in for an hour, wimp out and do some biology homework instead of causing a fuss. Then biology itself, got halfway through writing notes, which means tomorrow all I have to do is find some pretty pictures for Monday.

At recess, prepared for double spare. Spent it chilling, as usual, and enjoyed some noodles. English kids came in because Mrs Dosser had set them a movie to watch.

Then lunchtime, nothing really worth noting.

History was alright, got stuff done, but left my homework at home, goddamn.

Then a spare instead of lit, caught up with Isobelle instead of doing what I should have been doing. I think we're all screwed for the SAC on Tuesday. We don't have another lit class. Hurm.

After school, went home, screamed around town for work, nothing out of the ordinary, then caught a bus to Bairnsdale with Fraser and the Beardman. Got to some fancy function place, was bored as hell for half an hour, then we got a table and some kickarse free food. Wise Beard Man got a trophy for being the top TAFE IT student, well done that man. Evening was slow, cept for this drunk guy on our table who made fun of everything and wouldn't stop giggling. The two guys who kayaked across the Tasman gave a speech too. Then bus back home with a buttload of middle aged drunk people screaming in the back, felt sorry for the bus driver.

Tomorrow, house cultural festival. That means double media, then sit back and watch my friends humilate themselves singing and dancing.


Anyway, the end.

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