Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Off.

'Lo all.

So today was no school, it was glorious.

Went down the street, caught up with the usual suspects, Jason, Sam and I visited Patrick, then we went to Hayden's. The door was unlocked but he wasn't home. We laughed.

Went back to Jason's, Aaron was nuking Americans on the xbox, then headed to maccas, met Ryan on the way. He had just picked up a goblet for his mead. Tested it out in maccas, where Aiden and the girls caught up with us. Decided to go play some tiggy in Target, which was alright.

Bummed around for a while in the centre, nearly got kicked off the Donut King tables (wtf?!) as we had a cake for Ryan, Sam kicked arse on the skilltester machine. Then we all nicked off. Aiden, Ryan, Pat and I got our costumes for Tara's, then chatted to Jake and Meg at the clocktower. Walked home with Ryan laughing about fundamentalists again (there was a preacher waving a bible around shouting about armageddon today, it was a little odd).

Get home, chill out, Beardman decides to get maccas, I try on my costume for Tara's. It says it's meant for a seven year old. If it doesn't fit me, no way in hell is it going to fit Gavin. Hurts so much. Going to try and modify it tomorrow, then pick up supplies before I jump on the train, meet up with the others, then IN THEORY, we sort out our big present for Tara, or I dunno, we're stuck. It's too confusing at the moment, we should have sorted this out yesterday or something.

So yeah, no blogpost tomorrow night, but I'll try to get as many pictures as I can.



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