Monday, May 24, 2010

Born Tired.

'Lo everyone.

Hurm. I have the strangest sense of deja vu at the moment.

So anyway, another week, we're down to three and a bit left of the term. But who's counting.

Get to school on my repaired bike (which I'm expecting to break before Friday), catch up with kids, bombshells notwithstanding. Gawd I'm confused. Things were easier to keep track of before.

Bio first up, easiest SAC I've ever had. "Here, have three periods to copy stuff from wikipedia, rewrite it, then have a period in class to stick it all to a big piece of paper." I'll probably fail it too, oh well.

Then maths, still quiet. Sam was telling me about his "power band". The idea with these things is that they use "energy" to "increase potential" after you pay $60 for a little piece of rubber to wear around your arm. Placebo. This one was Sam's mate's, that he'd bought off eBay. Absolute crap.

However, it did start a couple of arguments about the power of positive thinking vs. placebos and ignorance-is-bliss at recess, while the lit kiddies and I visited Mrs Dosser. SAC is not tomorrow, it's now Thursday. AWESOME.

Double history was ok, another one of those separate into groups type research things. Got lots of information, now I just have to summarise it all for Chairman Sarah.

Lunch. Rumours of Ms Dyke's FREE FOOD MONDAY IN THE COMMON ROOM RIGHT NOW OMG OMG OMG were true. After picking up a whole lotta partypies, sausage rolls, weenies and such, we devolved into pigs. And it was glorious.

After eating as much as we could, headed downstairs, chilled with the usual suspects and watch Alison get defeated by Denny 3-1 in Mariokart. Pretty amusing when she did win though. I had to use the shell button because she only has half a thumb, according to her. Slowing the bus down!

Off to media to finish all my writing prep, now it's just the practical stuff. Gotta storyboard, gotta get permissions, gotta find some actors, then stick everything in and annotate to buggery.

Finally a spare, so good. Chilled with the usual suspects. So good.

Off to band, caught up with Claire. Everyone's story is the same now, they aren't sleeping, they're drowning in homework, and they're sick. Wow. Band was uneventful, gig Thursday night. Joy.

Waited with Aiden and discussed The Strokes and his magical flint stick (forgot to mention, Hayden accidently lit a fire in his locker with ihs today), impressed Mr C. Got a lift home because it was dark and raining and scary.

At the moment I'm slowly wading through biology, but it's not particularly interesting and I'm sick of it. Need to get another chapter done by Thursday, should be fine.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Gotta decide whether or not I should go see the John Butler Trio with Aiden and the rest in September by Thursday. Pros - awesome band, good mates, we'll be eighteen. Cons - week after Powderfinger, even closer to exams, $70. YOU DECIDE!



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