Monday, May 17, 2010

Black Mud.

'Lo all.

Monday. Yuck.

I reckon I barely got any sleep last night. I distinctly remember being awake at 5am. Then the alarm went off, and I didn't wake up, and it kept going so I dozed off. I also remember dreaming about making myself a coffee. How depressing.

Anyway. Got myself to school in one piece. Swapped weekend stories with the usual suspects, off to homeroom. Tom's baby photos are very, very funny. I hope he puts the one of him in the pot on facebook.

Off to biology in the computer room, got about ten pages of useful information, good start. Tomorrow, get some more then start putting it all together. Screw aesthetics.

Then lit, good lesson, went over the frameworks of the readings we'll have to use, and another review. With Emily and my powers combined we make an Isobelle, Dossatron seemed mildly satisfied.

Recess, caught up with some very tired looking jazz kids. Lot of kids had skipped the morning because they were sick too. Not good.

History was alright, helped Isobelle with some of the stuff she'd missed while Emily tried to attract our attention.

Then maths, slept.

Lunch. Cold, meh. Went to the tuck twice. Didn't get any food. Hurm.

Media last, got my brainstorm bullcrap done then the computer froze and died. Got my ten outlines out. Now I just gotta redo the brainstorm and plot some treatments, storyboarding should be up and running by the end of the week.

Then a spare. It was quiet and good. Cept for Potter whinging about how boring it was. She should get herself a book.

After school, went to the chemist's for the hell shift. Got it all done though, and I picked up Brothers as well. Awesome album.

Right now I'm listening to some DFA79 remixes (BASTARDS, GET BACK TOGETHER AND MAKE SOME NEW MATERIAL!!!), then I'll smash some lit. Joy.

Tomorrow's doubles day. Fantastic.



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