Monday, May 10, 2010

100% Lipid Soluble.

'Lo all.

Cold and annoying day today. Plus it's Monday. And the plot twists were flying around, god damn.

So, wake up late, get to school, kids stressing about SACs and baby photos. Which reminds me, I'd better go put one of mine in my bag.

First up was bio SAC, which was at the same time as my flu shot. Thinking I'll explain the situation at recess, I make a quick decision to stay in the SAC. If I die of swine flu I'm going to be pissed. Anyway, SAC was fairly easy, took a couple of punts on some questions that seemed to have no relevance at all, but meh.

Then maths, slept through the introduction to geometry. Turns out I got perfect on the maths SAC, three cheers for my mad book readan and calculator usan skillz. I'm a little surprised, usually my bludging results in a couple of lost marks. Indeed, Emma's still beating me in the SAC scores. Oh well.

Recess. Helped Gavin with bio after line for needles was too long. Then off to double history which was quiet, went over taxes til Mr Ries was falling asleep then watched more movie. I want more blood!

At lunchtime, chilled out with the usual suspects, ended up talking piss then kicking cashews around. The usual.

Media. Starting our PDPs, or as I will be refering to it from now on, BFB, which is the big folio bastard. Meh. I'll print out some 'inspiration' photos tomorrow.

Then a spare. Potter and I went on a mystical adventure for more sugar, enjoyed a coffee, then hung out in the sun which was warm.

Band was slow, I guess. Isobelle and I may have freaked out Georgia and Claire a little. Hung out with Aiden, Browndog and Denny afterwards, go home, flick through some homework, here I am. Carlton has won against the Saints, hells yes.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I get a spare. Thank gawd.



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