Monday, May 31, 2010

The Mercy Seat.

'Lo readers.

I'm dying. Need a week out. Stupid legs, why are you giving out two days before the cross country, I need to beat Wingram!

Anyway. Monday. Raining and cold. My favourite.

Kids were running around for practice exams this morning, I spent ten minutes outside the bio classroom til I said screw it and enjoyed a spare under the heater flicking through the textbook. Noticed a paragraph on blood types. Wow, that'd be useful, if only we'd been taught that in class.

Then off to lit, got to watch an ancient video about the life of John Keats. Spent half the time going on about his parents and how they bought and sold stables. Fascinating, absolutely riveting.

Recess. Cold. Kids were whinging about psych. World's tiniest violin, etc.

Off to history, smashed down half a SAC thing, business as usual as far as I can remember.

Then maths. Slept. Nemo was a bit worried about Kelly and Jordan, turns out Jordan got diagnosed with asthma. Poor girl, she's a runner too, it'll suck.

Lunch. Hung around with the usual suspects, chatted about costume ideas. Best one I heard was going as the blue dude from The Trapdoor.

Then biology practice exam. We were panicking because we were stupid, then we realised it was only a practice exam, so no one really cares. Apart from a couple of questions about stuff we haven't looked at (and is not in the textbooks), pretty meh. Would have passed it, I guess.

Since there was no band, spent an hour and a half storyboarding with Emma. Got three left, then I'm doing mockups, then I'm annotating. Goddamn. Not due til Friday. Plenty of time.

Come home, nothing exciting.

Tomorrow is doubles day. How exciting. My most favourite day of the week. And in lit, we're doing GAT prep. Fantastic. Oh well.



(My Bloody Valentine (the band, not the movie (the shoegaze hipsters, not BFMV!!!!!111!) are awesome, I've decided, though there's a disappointing lack of material).

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tara's and other adventures in Bairnsdale.

'Lo all.

Mad adventures yesterday.

Got up late, Denny dropped in, got a lift to the station, train it down with Kate, Tabby, Jenny and Alison, then Pat picks us up. Denny nearly gets crucified by Pat's mum for wanting to stop for grog.

Get to Pat's, fire nerf guns at each other, Denny comprehensively beats me at mariokart, then off to Gavin's. It was very spooky, foggy as all hell, and we got lost. We finally got to Gavin's, suited up (oh god, so funny), then Isaac dropped in, finally went to Tara's.

Party was alright, was very amusing watching Alison, Jenny and Tabby manipulate Wingram and some drunk guy (smashed when we got there, then he demolished a slab) into not picking up, play even more Mariokart, dance, drink, the usual. Happy birthday for Tuesday, Tara, we'll get your awesome present to you by then.

That night, couldn't sleep. Back was killing me, and there was a huge clock that chimed every fifteen minutes. Plus we were in front of a fire, so I was melting. Joy. I do remember waking up, and we chilled and cleaned up and such. Got the bus back to Sale, girls were whinging about each other the whole way there. Three cakeface whores who were smoking at the station (looked about Fraser's age too) got on the bus, but there were no spare seats so they had to cab it all the way to Sale. Lololololol.

Get home, do a bit of biology revision, chat to the usual suspects. Meh.

Tomorrow, practice bio exam, and smashing down some media. Gotta finish it all by the end of the week.



Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Off.

'Lo all.

So today was no school, it was glorious.

Went down the street, caught up with the usual suspects, Jason, Sam and I visited Patrick, then we went to Hayden's. The door was unlocked but he wasn't home. We laughed.

Went back to Jason's, Aaron was nuking Americans on the xbox, then headed to maccas, met Ryan on the way. He had just picked up a goblet for his mead. Tested it out in maccas, where Aiden and the girls caught up with us. Decided to go play some tiggy in Target, which was alright.

Bummed around for a while in the centre, nearly got kicked off the Donut King tables (wtf?!) as we had a cake for Ryan, Sam kicked arse on the skilltester machine. Then we all nicked off. Aiden, Ryan, Pat and I got our costumes for Tara's, then chatted to Jake and Meg at the clocktower. Walked home with Ryan laughing about fundamentalists again (there was a preacher waving a bible around shouting about armageddon today, it was a little odd).

Get home, chill out, Beardman decides to get maccas, I try on my costume for Tara's. It says it's meant for a seven year old. If it doesn't fit me, no way in hell is it going to fit Gavin. Hurts so much. Going to try and modify it tomorrow, then pick up supplies before I jump on the train, meet up with the others, then IN THEORY, we sort out our big present for Tara, or I dunno, we're stuck. It's too confusing at the moment, we should have sorted this out yesterday or something.

So yeah, no blogpost tomorrow night, but I'll try to get as many pictures as I can.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Instant Concert.

'Lo readers.

So tired. And sick.

Get to school, print out my revised essay, then replan it out because the first one was barely legible. Thus, didn't pay a lot of attention in chapel. Then the power went out.

Off to maths, smashed half a chapter. Naomi was handing out strepsils because we were all dying.

Recess. Panicking hard. Went off a bit early, we devoured fingernails, bitched a lot, and reread the same paragraphs over and over again. Such fun. Then Mrs Dosser arrived and Jasper literally sprinted through the door, a little amusing. My writing for this SAC was terrible, I'll be surprised if Dossertron can read it. But I finished it in a period, all one thousand words. Hells yeah.

Feeling a sense of numbness and mild relief, off to bio where we went over exam stuff and I got my homework checked. It's all done. Yay. Now just the practice exam on Monday, and the real thing Tuesday week.

Lunch was cold, so we went to the common room, chilled with Isaac, Hayden and Gavin, then went downstairs and into the locker thingy and watched Tom freak out some girls. Pretty funny.

History was meh, swapped some information with Prue, Annie and Ziggy, chatted about the upcoming run of parties. Gawd, I need a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume, a Wallace costume (need to find a Gromit), and something black and white. Plus I gotta find stuff for my "Raoul Duke" thing.

Finally media. Power was still out on half of the room (weird). We whinge about this for a while, since it meant we couldn't use our computers. Then Bernice walks in, so happy about being able to chill and use her computer. We laughed pretty hard. Got two storyboards done for the BFB, eight left, then photo mockups, then annotations. HURR!

After school, went home, went to work, nothing special, then got a lift to the Chinese joint to hang with some of the other musos. Pat's supreme organisational skills meant that half the kids decided they didn't actually want Chinese and went to maccas instead. Pat, Dayne, Claire, Aiden, and a pair of year elevens and I stuck it out, and it was good. Claire's food was on fire, it was pretty cool.

Went back to school, chilled for a while, then suddenly we were on and then we played and then we were off again. No dramas, no worries. Met Ryan afterwards, played some cards, watched the jazz band while Georgia went all prefect on some hormonal year eight's arses. Isobelle said to say she's awesome. Here's a photo of Aiden and Pat playing with their instruments.

You guys stay classy.

So back home, laughing at fundamentalist christians over msn with Ryan, and tomorrow's a day off. Woot. Going to hang with the droogs since I'm not going to Melbourne after all.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stroll On.

'Lo everyone.

I need the weekend to hurry up.

Nothing particularly exciting about today, really.

Went to go to school on my repaired bike, and it's got a flat tyre. I did say it'd be out of action before the end of the week. Stupid machine.

Get to school, media first up, started storyboarding the title screens. Now I've only got ten more to do. Then I've only got photo mockups. Then I can annotate. Joy. I've got a week.

Then a spare, chilled out while trying to do some biology. I do hate working in my spares.

Recess. Cold.

Maths was meh, trig's easy, finished the exercise and slept for ten minutes.

Then lit, got my essay back and Dosser seems satisfied. Weird.

Lunch was quiet, so Ryan and I headed up to the common room to see what was going on. It was warm up there. Chatted to the usual suspects, then off to soccer, where Binks played Tisdall and got smashed. They've got all the pro players. We've got Aiden and Pat. They did set up two awesome goals for Dayne though, well done those men. We still lost 4-3. Got back to school, kids are covered in mud, then went down the street to get money, hung out with Denny and Emily. Wish I had more free time.

Go home, get down, emerge a few hours later with all my biology done and my lit essay edited and ready to get re-planned out.

So now that my homework's 90% done, here I am. Meh.

Tomorrow, lit SAC, gotta hand in my bio work, gotta ride around town, gotta play some music, might even go out for dinner with the other musos. Hurm. Shame it's no spare Thursday.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?

'Lo all.

Raining today. Cold and windy. So much fun.

Get to school, off to assembly, trailer for the school play. Not a musical this year, instead it's a modernised adaptation of The Great Dictator, set in a supermarket.

Media first up, time to start storyboarding tomorrow. Joy. Got a week and a half left, going to smash these bastards.

Maths, on the other hand, was pretty slow. Trigonometry is so much fun. It is my favourite thing to do ever.

Recess. Lotta kids, nothing particularly interesting.

Then history, I'm doing fine just I have to stop doing the practice SACs when I'm tired. Mr Ries pointed out that I kept switching between supporting and contradicting one of my points. Should have picked up on that.

Bio was a little confusing, we smashed a practice exam while being lectured on viruses. Then while trying to correct the practice exam, the class got into an argument with the teacher. Hurm. Next time, give us the answer sheet, it's a lot less confusing

Lunch. Quiet. Bottles getting chucked around, Belle got a cake (happy birthday!), kids made fun of Alison, business as usual. Cept it was FREEZING COLD ARGH.

Lit was alright, got a bit more of a crash course in the article, which means once I get it back I'll have to rewrite large amounts of my essay. It's too long already! Followed by a spare, was good to chillax.

Went home, have done nothing. Call it a day off. I've only got bio to do.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Joy.



Monday, May 24, 2010

Born Tired.

'Lo everyone.

Hurm. I have the strangest sense of deja vu at the moment.

So anyway, another week, we're down to three and a bit left of the term. But who's counting.

Get to school on my repaired bike (which I'm expecting to break before Friday), catch up with kids, bombshells notwithstanding. Gawd I'm confused. Things were easier to keep track of before.

Bio first up, easiest SAC I've ever had. "Here, have three periods to copy stuff from wikipedia, rewrite it, then have a period in class to stick it all to a big piece of paper." I'll probably fail it too, oh well.

Then maths, still quiet. Sam was telling me about his "power band". The idea with these things is that they use "energy" to "increase potential" after you pay $60 for a little piece of rubber to wear around your arm. Placebo. This one was Sam's mate's, that he'd bought off eBay. Absolute crap.

However, it did start a couple of arguments about the power of positive thinking vs. placebos and ignorance-is-bliss at recess, while the lit kiddies and I visited Mrs Dosser. SAC is not tomorrow, it's now Thursday. AWESOME.

Double history was ok, another one of those separate into groups type research things. Got lots of information, now I just have to summarise it all for Chairman Sarah.

Lunch. Rumours of Ms Dyke's FREE FOOD MONDAY IN THE COMMON ROOM RIGHT NOW OMG OMG OMG were true. After picking up a whole lotta partypies, sausage rolls, weenies and such, we devolved into pigs. And it was glorious.

After eating as much as we could, headed downstairs, chilled with the usual suspects and watch Alison get defeated by Denny 3-1 in Mariokart. Pretty amusing when she did win though. I had to use the shell button because she only has half a thumb, according to her. Slowing the bus down!

Off to media to finish all my writing prep, now it's just the practical stuff. Gotta storyboard, gotta get permissions, gotta find some actors, then stick everything in and annotate to buggery.

Finally a spare, so good. Chilled with the usual suspects. So good.

Off to band, caught up with Claire. Everyone's story is the same now, they aren't sleeping, they're drowning in homework, and they're sick. Wow. Band was uneventful, gig Thursday night. Joy.

Waited with Aiden and discussed The Strokes and his magical flint stick (forgot to mention, Hayden accidently lit a fire in his locker with ihs today), impressed Mr C. Got a lift home because it was dark and raining and scary.

At the moment I'm slowly wading through biology, but it's not particularly interesting and I'm sick of it. Need to get another chapter done by Thursday, should be fine.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Gotta decide whether or not I should go see the John Butler Trio with Aiden and the rest in September by Thursday. Pros - awesome band, good mates, we'll be eighteen. Cons - week after Powderfinger, even closer to exams, $70. YOU DECIDE!



Sunday, May 23, 2010


'Lo all.

Worked yesterday, then wrote an essay. Fun.

Spent today finishing biology, and waiting for my essay to be emailed back to me.

The highlight of my weekend was seeing a DF79 video, followed by The White Stripes, on Rage last night.

Tomorrow's Monday. Can't wait. Bio SAC, which will be easy, I guess.



Friday, May 21, 2010

Solitude is Bliss.

'Lo readers.

So today was our last house cultural festival. We went out with a bang, naturally.

Get to school, double media first up, nearly finished my statement of intention thing (just gotta put in a bit more stuff on audience expectation), then we're storyboarding. Got a bit sidetracked playing on audiotool. I am Aphex Twin. Ms Robbins dropped in, admired Ruby's haircut, then we all had to go.

First up was the vocal groups, and they all seemed terrified. Binks had a double bass, pretty cool. Jake had a ukelele, which was also pretty cool.

Then the jazz section, Dargo did alright, Tisdall was good except they only had Isobelle on trumpet, so given the circumstances they sounded pretty good (Dayne thought they cut too much out of it, since it was a big band piece), then Binks, with Jenny singing Feeling Good (no distortion like the Muse version), and then Blundell, with a huge horn section.

Rock section. What we were there for. Dargo first up, doing Hell's Bells. Will had his school uniform on, and a pair of devil horns, and Robbo was smashing a gong. Sounded good until Will went on Robbo's shoulders for a solo.

Tisdall next. In costume. Sam was a stormtrooper, Peter was a dinosaur, Jackson was Superman (with a huge package), and there was Wonderwoman and Lester in leather pants and wig. They played a Tokio Hotel song, Jackson screaming the whole way through. Not so good.

Then Binks, not to be outdone, appeared in matching fursuits, with Jack out the front in a bear suit, Jasper on bass as a sheep, Josh Darby drumming and Rowlesy on rhythm guitar as rabbits. Aaron was the only one not in a suit, but he had pretty cool pants so I guess it was ok. They smashed Everlong, it was pretty good.

Finally Blundell, led by Emily, playing The Fixer. Not angry enough. Sounded fine, but there was no kick. No costumes either, cept for Sam Vuillerman as a pimp wizard, as Isaac described him.

Then lunch, chilled and regrouped with the usual suspects. Got back into the hall, Meg and Kelly had decided to sing with every house in the choir bit. Binks' sucked, typical, though I think you could hear Aiden shouting. Kids were throwing paper planes in Dargo's, which the teachers weren't happy about.

Then the dance. Very important. Junior dances were either terrible or vehicles for the kids who attend dance schools to show off. Senior dances were a bit different. Binks' starred Aiden, Tom, Pat, Cameron and Oliver as the Spice Girls. Here's a backstage photo from afterwards.

So yeah. Binks ended up drawing second with Dargo, and Blundell won.

Afterwards, headed down the street with the horde, Emily got a lift in Sam's new car, which is pretty cool. We got chips, met some boardos, went across town a few times, ended up chilling in front of La Porchetta and laughing at the skaterfag mallrats attempting parkour. When we visited Dick Smiths, we could hear the Jurassic Park theme. It was playing on a tiny car dvd player, and it was awesome. Also saw Denny's future car, a GT with Kermit attached to the rearview mirror. We lol'd. Oh yeah, and I picked up Innerspeaker and got a buttload of awesome bonus stuff.

Back home, I've been putting off lit. I am going to smash it as soon as I get home from work tomorrow.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't wanna get up.

'Lo all.

So I just got back from a function in Bairnsdale. Lucky I didn't do a lot today.

Get to school after accidently sleeping in for an hour, wimp out and do some biology homework instead of causing a fuss. Then biology itself, got halfway through writing notes, which means tomorrow all I have to do is find some pretty pictures for Monday.

At recess, prepared for double spare. Spent it chilling, as usual, and enjoyed some noodles. English kids came in because Mrs Dosser had set them a movie to watch.

Then lunchtime, nothing really worth noting.

History was alright, got stuff done, but left my homework at home, goddamn.

Then a spare instead of lit, caught up with Isobelle instead of doing what I should have been doing. I think we're all screwed for the SAC on Tuesday. We don't have another lit class. Hurm.

After school, went home, screamed around town for work, nothing out of the ordinary, then caught a bus to Bairnsdale with Fraser and the Beardman. Got to some fancy function place, was bored as hell for half an hour, then we got a table and some kickarse free food. Wise Beard Man got a trophy for being the top TAFE IT student, well done that man. Evening was slow, cept for this drunk guy on our table who made fun of everything and wouldn't stop giggling. The two guys who kayaked across the Tasman gave a speech too. Then bus back home with a buttload of middle aged drunk people screaming in the back, felt sorry for the bus driver.

Tomorrow, house cultural festival. That means double media, then sit back and watch my friends humilate themselves singing and dancing.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


'Lo everyone.

So it was cold again today. It's only going to get worse.

House meetings first up, fairly pointless exercise apart from hearing Aiden yell the bird bits in the song from the Lion King.

Then media, I've started my statement of intention. The aim is to finish this then start writing proper treatments, then begin storyboarding by the end of the week. Problem is, I dunno about crapping my way through a page worth of this. Oh well.

Bio in the computer rooms was meh, got more notes, now it's just a matter of summarising them and making a glossary. I passed the last SAC too, yay.

Recess was cold, scribbled out some more literature to satisfy Mrs Dosser.

History was alright, cept I left my homework at home, typical. Helped Patrick out a bit since he was behind, and we talked Nerf guns. They want a nerf war at my eighteenth. Hurm.

Lit, got our SAC thing, going to analyse this then write an essay on it. I think I understand it, but again I dunno how I'm going to stretch it out to three paragraphs.

Lunch was cold and meh, Isaac decided we should make sand castles but they didn't turn out so good, but oh well.

Then off to soccer with the droogs, we were up against the blues (supported by a pair of reds). Close game, Dayne had a couple of very close shots at goal, Aiden ran down half the pitch and nearly scored a goal, but we kept missing. 2 minutes to go, and the red kids score a goal. God dammit.

After school, went home, and I've been experimenting with this audiotool program for media. I've now got two techno-ey IDM tracks that I made all by myself. Yay. I'll make a couple more, edit them a bit, then they'll be good for use in my ads. Maybe I should submit them to Unearthed. What's a good name? I'll be the next Aphex Twin.

Tomorrow is going to be good because it's DOUBLE SPARE THURSDAY YESSS.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Howlin' For You.

'Lo all.


Off to school, sleep through assembly while Isobelle took media notes.

Spare first up, it was pretty awesome. Chatted to Potter while Georgia and Cameron revised their oral thing for Japanese. I can still remember the odd word. I couldn't string a sentence together though.

Then media, was "observed", tomorrow good version of the brainstorm then statement of intention.

Recess. Still cold.

Off to double maths, nothing too serious. Kelly is planning a surprise at her party, and barely anyone has any idea what it is. Apparently it's not a boat. Meh.

Lunch, thank gawd. Chilled, chatted to the usual suspects, Isaac used Julian's giant rubber band to fire bottles onto the gym roof. Here's a photo.

You can see awed faces in the background.

Then off to double lit, Noobie seemed happy with Brothers, went over stuff we did yesterday, then off to do some questions. Kids wouldn't shut up so I did some in the common room. Meh.

After school, headed down the street with the droogs. Little kids were pissing Emily off, and Denny was laughing at this, so I caught up with Ryan. Chips were good, half the Sale xXmetal/hardcoreXx crowd dropped in, they're alright.

Went home, did some biology, going to finish my lit now. Ryan showed me what he was planning to get me for my birthday, which is a huge tankard with the flippy lid. The man's a legend. Pat and Denny want to get me a giant Nerf machine gun. Jesus. Nerf wars might be fun though...

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and since I forgot my tracksuit pants I'm going to freeze on the way to school tomorrow, fantastic.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Black Mud.

'Lo all.

Monday. Yuck.

I reckon I barely got any sleep last night. I distinctly remember being awake at 5am. Then the alarm went off, and I didn't wake up, and it kept going so I dozed off. I also remember dreaming about making myself a coffee. How depressing.

Anyway. Got myself to school in one piece. Swapped weekend stories with the usual suspects, off to homeroom. Tom's baby photos are very, very funny. I hope he puts the one of him in the pot on facebook.

Off to biology in the computer room, got about ten pages of useful information, good start. Tomorrow, get some more then start putting it all together. Screw aesthetics.

Then lit, good lesson, went over the frameworks of the readings we'll have to use, and another review. With Emily and my powers combined we make an Isobelle, Dossatron seemed mildly satisfied.

Recess, caught up with some very tired looking jazz kids. Lot of kids had skipped the morning because they were sick too. Not good.

History was alright, helped Isobelle with some of the stuff she'd missed while Emily tried to attract our attention.

Then maths, slept.

Lunch. Cold, meh. Went to the tuck twice. Didn't get any food. Hurm.

Media last, got my brainstorm bullcrap done then the computer froze and died. Got my ten outlines out. Now I just gotta redo the brainstorm and plot some treatments, storyboarding should be up and running by the end of the week.

Then a spare. It was quiet and good. Cept for Potter whinging about how boring it was. She should get herself a book.

After school, went to the chemist's for the hell shift. Got it all done though, and I picked up Brothers as well. Awesome album.

Right now I'm listening to some DFA79 remixes (BASTARDS, GET BACK TOGETHER AND MAKE SOME NEW MATERIAL!!!), then I'll smash some lit. Joy.

Tomorrow's doubles day. Fantastic.



Sunday, May 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Don't particularly have a lot to talk about today.

Woke up far too late, did history homework, downloaded more music. This is going to bite me in the arse soon, I'm guessing.

Sorted out some stuff for my eighteenth, which is about a month and a half away. The difficult bit will be getting wood to burn. I had an idea, get all of the furniture out of the shed, pack up stuff I don't really need, clean it out, then install Fraser's huge speakers and a strobe in there... I guess kids could crash in there after too. Once the little things are packed up there isn't much to be dragged out, and it'd probably all fit in a spare room. Hurm. Something to think about.

Tomorrow's Monday. How disappointing. At least I will have some bitching tunes to ignore everyone with.



Saturday, May 15, 2010

Raw Power.

'Lo all.

Today I slept in til 130, and spent the afternoon avoiding homework and being a pirate. Yarr.

I'm seriously considering buying Raw Power. A lot. Same goes for Tame Impala and The Black Keys, new stuff is excellent. Good thing I've been getting some work lately.

Brian and Justin dropped in for dinner, talked cars and tv shows, then I headed down the street. Got some maccas, rushed to the cinema, chatted to the boardos for a while (half of them had seen Robin Hood with Annie, the other half had gone to see some Miley Cyrus movie designed for 13 year olds, pretty amusing).

Robin Hood - ***
Not fantastic, not woefully terrible either. The ending is unsatisfying, it seem ed that the entire movie was just one big introduction, there was no stealing from the rich to give to the poor apart from one scene. Lots of big battles, rousing speeches, all that crap. Meh, says I.

After that, Denny, Ryan and I headed to maccas for more food, saw Sian, Jade and Shona there, and they were whinging. Got a lift home with Ryan, and here I am.

Tomorrow, going to go over some biology to catch up to where I think we're meant to be, and do a history practice SAC. And sleep in.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, May 14, 2010

We No Speak Americano.

'Lo all.

Still alive.

Got up far too late, so I didn't post a letter. My bad.

Double bio first up at school, confusing and boring. Chatted to Sarah, her old school sounds pretty stupid. Then a movie, fell asleep almost. Pretty amusing, very late eighties stuff.

Then a spare, which was pretty good. Chilled out with a coffee and solitaire.

History next, I think I'm getting better at this. Going to smash a practice SAC tomorrow. Another Sarah told me Dossertron was feeling really sick and had gone home. Poor Mrs Dosser.

Lunch was cold, helped Alison clean out her locker while throwing cue cards at her, and Bernice and Emma went through my camera. It's good to have more batteries, though they're still crap.

Spare again. Chilled, chatted to Emily, played more solitaire. 'sgood.

Off to maths, Sam had stolen about a hundred packets of sugar and a cup from somewhere, so we emptied them all. This was the result.

Spose you can't see it all that well, but we filled the bastard up. Afterwards, headed downstairs, Isaac agreed to have it thrown at him. I was going to film it, but the batteries died. I was lucky to get one more photo. Teachers almost sprung us, which was amusing, but then it's not like we were all inconspicuous. 30/40 kids all staring at something and screaming, we're up to something. Anyway, I got a good shot of Isaac just before all the sugar hit him, which is on facebook. It was a little disappointing, still funny though.

Went home, went driving with Trev, he says I'm getting better at this manual business, then chilling out and not really doing much.

Tomorrow, not sure what's going on, need credit.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toujours la même chose.

'Lo readers.

Cold. Rainy. Such fun.

Get to school, we had a year level meeting and got exam timetables and such. Getting scary. Then chapel where we pretended to sing, zoned out again, suddenly on our way to maths where no teacher rocked up. We argued about ditching, Sam, Kelly and Nemo did, then Mrs Ripon turned up and said she'd forgot she said she could cover the class, so we got ten minutes worth. Meh.

Recess. Very important.

Lit was next, Mrs Dosser was dying and was in a strangely good mood, we finished the movie.

Slaughterhouse Five - **1/2
Someone who hadn't read the book would not understand this. I didn't like it. Some bits were good. But they skimped on the aliens, and for that, minus a million.

Biology was rushing through more immune system. SAC next week, I think. Fantastic. Then study for exam, can't wait.

Lunchtime. Dull, cold, meh. Nearly fell asleep under my locker, music got really loud all of a sudden, so I stood up and listened to Denny rant about his dream that involved Big Gay Hunters and huge black panthers... yeah. So, figured I'd go up to the common room to see if anyone was there, chilled with Emma under the heater.

History was a little dull but that was only because everyone was so tired, even Mr Ries. We're slowly getting a grip on this stuff though. Rich French people = stupid.

Then media, got a brainstorm drafted and ten clear ideas to do. It's slowly coming together.

Scream home in the rain, then off again. Work was dull but I was rushing. Get home, get some food, check the news, off to work again, this time in the kitchen. It was quiet enough, talked music with Sammy and Cooky, got out early which is good.

And now here I am talking to the frenchling and listening to the Diamas. Yes, I'm doing a bit of cross promotion. These guys are from my school, they're pretty damn good, and if you listen to them enough we get a free gig with them and British India headlining. So, give em a listen and a download.

Tomorrow is Friday. Got a driving lesson in the afternoon. Isn't my life exciting.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everything In Its Right Place.

'Lo all.

Today was cold. You know this already.

Went to school, first up was media, got my inspirational pictures printed and discussed nerf guns with Pat, Oliver, Jake and Geordie. Shame you'd run out of ammunition so quick.

Then a spare, Cameron had David Thorne's book, so Gavin and Potter read selected chapters while I printed my lit homework and played solitaire. Good spare.

Recess. Cold.

Off to maths next, slept through some more geometry. It's only the basics at this stage, nothing complex or new yet.

Then lit, Mrs Dosser was in a good mood which was weird. Got a difficult reading to annotate, ever so much fun.

Twenty minutes of lunch, then onto the bus to go to St Pats. Pat was going all posh, he had a cane and a butler (a very in character Oliver), as well as a handful of photocopied monopoly money. Wish he had a top hat. We laughed about how we'd all probably get stabbed.

Get to the place, cheerful guy trying to encourage us to care about what he's saying, but we just wanted the free stuff from the university booths. There were like 400 kids there, so no one's questions were really going to be answered. Anyway, we wandered around, I got stuff from every place except Swinburne, which is annoying, but oh well. Caught up with Wakely and Mewha, saw a few other kids I hadn't seen in years. Not bad, bit dull, oh well.

Back to school, mass confusion about whether we had a spare or not. After messing around in the lit room for fifteen minutes (Jasper and Emily had a spanking competition, go figure), Lauren, Emma and I nicked off to the library to piss off Gavin and Tabby at this gears boardgame. And made naughty words out of the boggle letters, dohoho.

After that, headed home, got half of the homework done, off to work, which was fairly quiet, then home again. I just finished the questions. Meh.

Tomorrow (or later today, jesus god) is No Spare Thursday, which is my MOST FAVOURITE DAY OF THE WEEK. Hurm. Then work for the chemist THEN work for Bis again. Joy!

All the Mt Gambier Jazz kids, good luck, have fun, don't tear each other apart.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick! Where's the IceHeal?!

'Lo all.

Jesus god I froze my balls off today, this is not cool. Especially since tomorrow's meant to be worse. It was pouring rain this morning and the power had gone out, causing panic for thirty seconds til I realised my backup clock was still working.

Scab a lift to school, jump under Emily's umbrella, no assembly so straight off to history. It was far too quiet, just annotating stuff. I can't stand doing this.

Then media, I have a sheet of inspiration type pictures to print out, then I gotta start a concept map before I write a set of treatments.

Recess. Freezing.

Off to maths, started geometry all proper like, pretty dull and frustrating cos it's stuff we've covered a billion times before.

Then bio. Kids and Mrs Brown were confusing each other. We have a week to rush through this unit before the SAC next week. Fantastic.

Lunch. Wandered around, tried to stay moving, hung out with the droogs, here's a photo of Hayden and Sam and their music department coffee.

Then off to lit. Got another handout, watched some more movie, there were no aliens and we stopped right before the firebombing. I am disappoint. Mrs Dosser is still disappoint in us, she gave back our weekend homework and said most of us sucked at it. Had a spare to regroup after this, got roped into a political discussion against Potter and Gavin. Potter thinks looking after asylum seekers who are escaping from war and disease is a bad thing because it's our taxpayer money that's helping them and they should be able to help themselves.

Scabbed a lift home, then straight to work on lit after catching up with Noobie and finding a stream of the new Black Keys album (it's awesome, will be buying it next week if I can find it), and then I practically gave up on lit because it was annoying. She expects us to write lots and lots but there's only so much you can stretch a point. I dunno. Maybe I am a failure.

Tomorrow's our expedition to the Catholic College to learn about VCE or something, I dunno. Should be amusing. Get us out of the cold, in theory.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, May 10, 2010

100% Lipid Soluble.

'Lo all.

Cold and annoying day today. Plus it's Monday. And the plot twists were flying around, god damn.

So, wake up late, get to school, kids stressing about SACs and baby photos. Which reminds me, I'd better go put one of mine in my bag.

First up was bio SAC, which was at the same time as my flu shot. Thinking I'll explain the situation at recess, I make a quick decision to stay in the SAC. If I die of swine flu I'm going to be pissed. Anyway, SAC was fairly easy, took a couple of punts on some questions that seemed to have no relevance at all, but meh.

Then maths, slept through the introduction to geometry. Turns out I got perfect on the maths SAC, three cheers for my mad book readan and calculator usan skillz. I'm a little surprised, usually my bludging results in a couple of lost marks. Indeed, Emma's still beating me in the SAC scores. Oh well.

Recess. Helped Gavin with bio after line for needles was too long. Then off to double history which was quiet, went over taxes til Mr Ries was falling asleep then watched more movie. I want more blood!

At lunchtime, chilled out with the usual suspects, ended up talking piss then kicking cashews around. The usual.

Media. Starting our PDPs, or as I will be refering to it from now on, BFB, which is the big folio bastard. Meh. I'll print out some 'inspiration' photos tomorrow.

Then a spare. Potter and I went on a mystical adventure for more sugar, enjoyed a coffee, then hung out in the sun which was warm.

Band was slow, I guess. Isobelle and I may have freaked out Georgia and Claire a little. Hung out with Aiden, Browndog and Denny afterwards, go home, flick through some homework, here I am. Carlton has won against the Saints, hells yes.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I get a spare. Thank gawd.



Sunday, May 9, 2010


'Lo everyone.

So, this weekend was good because I didn't work. But this means no money. Meh.

Woke up at 2pm on Saturday, and did nothing exciting other than literature.

Then today, got some history and bio study done, and watched Apocalypse Now because it turned out work didn't need me.

How exciting.

All the kids who did the deb, you all looked very good and I'm sure you all had lots of fun.

Tomorrow's Monday. Biology SAC, double history, time to party.

Bloody hell...



Friday, May 7, 2010

You're it.

'Lo all.

I am getting sicker, suddenly I have a cold too. Just want to sleep for a week.

Anyway. School and all that. Double media first up, finish everything except the writing, and help Geordie and Ruby out.

It was cold at recess, so Alison and I hung out under the big ventilation things that shoot out slightly warmer air, before a spare where Sarah, Georgia and I sat in the sun chatting to Potter and Gavin who whinged about the sun being too hot. Hurm.

Maths SAC was easy, I'd been given a couple of hints by Jasper and Tom, so I smashed the bastard with ten minutes spare. Emma said it was pretty easy for her too, so either there's something wrong with some of the teachers or the kids are getting wise with the disinformation campaign to scare us.

Lunch, went to the media room with Emma to scrawl out two responses and then burnt a disc to hand in. SAC done. Now, the big folio bastard, but I have a month of continuous stuff. Just gotta storyboard, research, get permissions, schedule shoots, hire cameras, sort out soundtrack...

Got back to the real world in time to miss Sam, Isaac and Hayden's amateur gymnastics. Headed off to biology, kids were waiting outside because Baconizer was talking to Mrs Brown about the SAC they were whining about yesterday. We started the immune system today. It'd be better without all the army metaphors. Yes, lymphocytes are like SAS, they have to protect the fortress.

Then history, watched some 80s movie about France, again, we stopped just before a big plot point. Oh well.

After school, headed down the street in the rain with the horde, got chips and headed to Place C (the mystical one we've never been to before) since the boardos joined us and we figured there wasn't enough room inside the shop. Place C is now officially the Donut King tables in the centre. Aren't we clever. Screwed around in the centre for a while, picked up some mi goreng with Ryan, Pat bought a mother's day present, and Kelly and Sam made us start tiggy in Coles. Very fun. Saw heaps of kids down the street, like Emily at her new job. After getting a red alert ("is that-" "no way" "RUN!"), Pat and I ended up wandering around in the mall since everyone else nicked off, then I went home.

And here I am. Chucked some stuff on usb for Emma, gotta do one for Tom next, and now I'm considering starting lit. Or watching Apocalypse Now, I dunno.

Tomorrow, no work (though they might call me up), so sleep in, then homework. Fantastic. Fuelled by Tame Impala and mi goreng, to take inspiration from George.


Anyway, the end.

(camera's out of batteries, I was going to get a photo of Tom's mutant banana and Pat and Sam in Iron Man masks. Need to recharge them all, hurm).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parchment Farm.

'Lo everyone.

I do feel sorry for the english kids. They've got a million things to do and no time to do it. They were comparing today how much of each essay they managed to finish today. Patrick was considering replacing his hands to write faster. Poor bastards. There's a reason I do lit. Good luck, anyway.

Get to school, chill in homeroom, dragged to chapel. It's all about mother's day, so I zoned out.

Biology was meh, copied down the bacteria colony things, then the girls got into an argument with Mrs Brown over what they could take into the test on Monday. Meh, says I.

Recess. The usual.

Then double spare. So good. Listened to InnerSpeaker again, it's definitely growing on me. Lucidity, I have decided, is awesome. Yes, there's some bits that are synth heavy, and some unnecessary studio psych-wankery, but I don't mind, they're good songs. Anyway, chilled out, read my book, then Potter and Tahlia and I started swapping stories about primary school. Man, 545 has a buttload of screwed up kids. Seriously. Then a buttload of kids came in from finishing off english and maths SACs, so it was noisier, but Kelly gave me noodles so I guess it's ok.

Lunch. Cold. Followed Bernice to do some media work. Got the first bit done, two more to do tomorrow, only problem is I can't put text there to tell them apart. Crashes the program. Weird.

I guess history was alright, still doing big picture France stuff. Damn Sarah and her French accent. (Amaya, get back here, you'd school us all).

Then lit, watched the first bit of the movie adaptation of Slaughterhouse 5. We were literally two minutes away from seeing aliens, dammit! Emily and I warned Hayley about the deb, she's definitely looking forward to it. Poor girl. Though it's weird, it's been a whole year since we had to do it.

Get home, nick off again, pretty meh run. Figured I'd listen to Tame Impala again. Windy and cold.

I went over a bit of history and watched a movie since everyone was whinging on facebook.

Dogma - ***1/2
Funny bits, too many slow bits, predictable as buggery except for the big deus ex machina. Some good calls in it though.

And now here I am. I'm sick and everything hurts. On the plus side, for whatever reason they've given me the weekend off at work. This means I won't get any money. On the other hand, it being mother's day on Sunday and no dishie rostered, I'll probably get woken up to wash dishes anyway. Hurm. I'll get better first.

Tomorrow's Friday. Joy.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010


'Lo all.

So. Damn. Cold.

Froze to school, then we have bio first up. I suppose disease and such is interesting.

Then media, all of my footage is now sorted out, so now it's just a matter of editing into three distinct movies. Can do that in the double on Friday, the trick will be finding time to write all the annotations. Hurm. Maybe Thursday lunchtime or something then.

Recess. Cold.

History was alright, though I can tell 18th century French tax reforms will get old. I want blood, beheadings, guillotines, Robespierre, unbridled terror!

Then lit, Dosser is still not happy with any of us, so we all scattered. Ended up in the VCE room finishing the work with April, printer was refusing to work, but oh well.

Lunch. Cold. Went upstairs with Emily to hang with Ryan, Denny and the rest, Ryan showed off his new invention. So much fun.

Then off to indoor soccer, where we lost to a heroically rag tag group of year tens and elevens. We all sucked, I guess. Meh.

After that, come home, was going to do some homework, ended up going on a download spree. Tame Impala's latest is alright, some really good stuff on it, pumped I found it two weeks early (and yes, I'll be paying for it when it comes out), and new free stuff from Interpol and The Black Keys. Woo.

Tomorrow's double spare Thursday, my favourite day of the week.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready for What?

'Lo readers.

Tired. So tired. And sick too. Crap day, where's the reboot button...

Get to school fairly early, go to assembly, didn't screw up a solo, band still sounded dull because there were no percussionists. Typical.

Then a spare, played solitaire in the sun. Needed more spare.

Media was frustrating because by the time I got the footage on the computer, I realised a key shot was missing for some reason (WTF!) which means reshoots tomorrow afternoon and extra work at lunchtimes. Joy. Then the video editing software failed to load for anyone. SAC is going to hell, and we still need time for the big SAT plan thing.

Recess, pretty quiet from what I can remember.

Then maths. First period went over stuff, second period got the SAC, which was only multiple choice stuff. Pretty easy, took some informed guesses, confident that I at least passed it well.

Lunch. Quiet too. Chilled with Emma and Isaac and the droogs.

Then lit. Everyone was tired, Ms Dosser was in a bad mood, which was not helped by Jasper, Hayley and I. Indeed, I may have earned her emnity, but I'll make up for it. Started going through finding an interpretation on Slaughterhouse 5, I naturally jump to a marxist one but since I was on the spot and reeling, lost train of thought. Meh. I deserved the persecution.

Still tired, went down the street with Denny and Ryan, get some chips, boardos rock up, chat to Tom and Georgia til they nicked off to go hunting for Mother's Day presents. This reminds Denny and Ryan, so we traipse off to the centre to find suitable gifts, which ended up being chocolate and a Dido cd. Depressing.

Get home, go through more lit stuff. Kurt Vonnegut is depressing too. I mean, black humour and all, that's fine, but attempted suicide and his ultimate death from a fall, after all the stuff he did, that's just sad.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Need to catch up with Dossatron (and I must catch up with Ms Dyke about the cross country when I see her on Thursday), then indoor soccer which should be amusing.



Monday, May 3, 2010

I bent my wookie.

'Lo all.

Today I went to school early to cut and paste things like I was in grade two.

First up was bio, we got the prac done quickly and hammered out a hypothesis. Sarah and Jack are very quick with red hot forceps. Remember kids, Pine O Cleen kills 99.9% of household germs and bacteria like E. Coli.

Then lit, Goody, Ryan and I did our presentations. I think there is a clear gender bias here. Goody did more of a report, Ryan's poster had a picture of Keats where you could move his mouth, and I was making it up as I went. No wonder she was disappointed. Girls will kick our collective arses, they're better at this sort of thing.

Recess. Thank gawd. Kids were stressing, apparently there were a lot of SACs today. Poor bastards.

History, went over the SAC, I got 49 out of 50. Ralph moment. Then we started the French revolution, should be fun. Much less Napoleon than I feared.

Then maths, helped Nemo and Kelly out cos all three of us had the dumb, it being a Monday. First part of the SAC tomorrow, should be fine.

Lunchtime. Everyone disappeared so there wasn't much to do. Pat showed me his Nuzlocke Challenge comic (google it), he's got the talent, it's damn funny.

Media was frustrating. Got statement of intention done, then tried to import my footage. For some reason, computer slowed down to a crawl, so I ragequitted and went to a spare instead of rage-smashing-open-computer. Spare was good, chilled with Gavin, Georgia and Goody while Potter shouted at me about psych.

After school, cover a shift for the chemist. Had to go all the way across town, which was annoying. Didn't get knifed, and caught up with Ken a bit too. He's still good, which is good.

Get home, chill out, do some reading for literature (d:212), and basically, here I am.

Tomorrow's doubles day. I'm not sure what's worse, double's day or no-spare Thursdays. Plus I have to play in assembly in the morning, fantastic. Oh well. Get it over and done with.



(photos return when we have exciting adventures)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slanted and Enchanted.

'Lo all.

Interesting weekend.

Got everything done that needed to be done, though I could probably do some more for lit if I tried. Meh. Meh!

Interesting who one runs into down the street at night.

Tomorrow is Monday. Mmrrr.