Monday, April 12, 2010

This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

'Lo everyone.

Better get back into the habit.

So today was the first day back. After heading to bed early, I slept through my alarm for an hour. Awesome.

Denny rocks up, ride to school through a bitch of a headwind, then the kids are all there and loud. Still buzzing from coffee, catch up with the droogs. Got me a fancy wristband thing from Isaac from their travels to Phukhet. Everyone got one, all have explicit engrish phrases. Very amusing.

First up was bio, coffee wearing off, homeostasis and nervous system is easy. Year Eleven Genius behind us was annoying Meg by being better than everyone else.

Maths next, girls decided to move near us to actually get some work done. I cruised through it while they chatted, props to Nemo for attempting the maccas drivethrough on a horse.

Recess. Did some mad mystery gifting, caught up with some more kids, totally made Claire and Amelia's day with the Temper Trap tickets.

Double history was mildly amusing, while chugging through questions Mr Ries animatedly swore and gesticulated. Mr Ries is a pretty cool guy, eh teaches history and doesn't afraid of anything.

Lunchtime, thank jesus. Followed Sam down to the trees that are so far away from everything it makes you look suspicious for being there, and watched as he and Hayden threw a metal playing card into trees. It was pretty cool. Not sure how it made it through customs. Rest of lunch was pretty samey. We need more seats.

Media last, talked about production thing, I wish I knew where exactly to start, but oh well. I know it'll be done, because I know it doesn't have to look pretty.

Then a spare. After printing out lit essays with April, had a coffee and chatted to Georgia. Good chill time.

Coffee lasted til band, then I half fell asleep. Kept foot tapping for pokemon thingy. Looking forward to music camp though.

Afterwards, we see Alex Coy. Haven't seen him in a while. I lasted three words. Then hung out with Aiden and Claire, discussed muckup day and Powderfinger (so, so in). Headed to Pat's Sale place next, had a game of three player pool with him and Denny (you pot a ball, one point, you pot the white, minus a point), and they drew each other. Went home, did some homework, and here I am. Dull.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Um. Cool?



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