Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sticky Fingers.

'Lo readers.

So today was no-spare-Thursday, my least favourite Thursday. My favourite is double-spare-Thursday.

It was a casual day too, so after stressing since 5am about what I was going to wear I decided to wear a clean tshirt. Meh.

Got up late, go to school, homeroom's quiet cept for Cumpster encouraging me to play netball. Then chapel, zoned out.

Maths was meh, but I mean, I know what I'm doing. Bernice was thankful for the new music, at this stage.

Recess, nothing particularly interesting. Maths was dull

Lit next, go over some actual good ideas, got a chocolate frog, caught up with Noobie, and I'm feeling much more better about this SAC. I mean, I'm not looking forward to it, but instead of wrist-cuttingly terrified, I'm just terrified.

Then bio, steroid hormones! Woo! So much fun! Totally looking forward to the prac tomorrow!

At lunchtime, wandered around for a bit, got conscripted into the netball tryouts with the rest of the droogs, bought a biscuit from Claire, Alison and Gav the SRC reps (they looked stressed), then found Ms Dosser and went over my crappy practice essay while Jack and The Diamas belted out The Bad Touch in front of a group of evangelicals. Pretty amusing. Good choice.

History was work, got it done, talked to Sarah and Lauren while introducing Pat to DFA79. Jasper likes it too, I was shocked. Someone else has heard of this band, yay. Since I chucked some of it on Bernice's iPod, he noticed it, and had asked her if she liked it. She had no idea who they were, since I just put it on, and replied that she did. Oh dear. Lying is bad, mkay.

Media. Finished storyboard, did intention, looking forward to filming on Monday.

After school, went home, went down the street, went to work, got caught in a house, went home, got some history done, cleaned up a bit, and packed for camp. It all fits in a backpack, plus a sleeping bag and whatever homework I drag down. I wonder how many kids will bring a huge suitcase.

Tomorrow, music camp. Yes, I will take photos. Yes, this means no blog post til Sunday night. Yes, I'm aware of all the band camp jokes. I need to pick up some supplies (read: doritos, coke, jelly) before school too.



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