Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stealing People's Mail.

'Lo everyone.

So, three periods of spare plus chapel today, awesome. Cept it was like a million degrees then raining for some reason.

Get up, go to school, talk about future careers in homeroom (Agnik should be a diplomat, and he should learn Russian), then chapel which was the standard ANZAC day stuff.

Bio was slow. Want SAC over and done with so we can move on.

Recess was slow, then double spare. Georgia, Sarah and I just lying on the couches half asleep for two periods. Sun was so good. It was almost spoiled halfway through when a tonne of methods kids came in, but they left.

Lunch. Quiet ish. Chilled out. Discussed disgusting things. May have scared some girls.

Then another spare, as Ries Dawg was model-UNing. Lost a game of monopoly to Isobelle and Annie, here's my playing piece.

It is a dog mounting a horserider wearing a thimble wearing a hat, on a wheelbarrow. Isobelle convinced me to take the hat off. I will be using this piece in all future games of monopoly.

Then lit, had a laugh about how much we are collectively awful at literature, went over some more scenes. Would be more helpful if I had my books, but Emma's is so well annotated and crap.

After school, went to work, was all good til it started pouring. Had a goddamn headwind down Foster st, then spun out on some bricks. Sprained wrist and bleeding knees. Jesus, it was like I was five years old again. Didn't notice bleeding til I made it back to chemist, so hopefully I freaked out some people on the highway.

Get home, consider starting some homework, go to the grandparents for pizza, get home again, time for history. At least 2 SACs next week, fantastic. Going to be working on a literature essay whenever I'm home over the weekend.

Tomorrow's Friday. Thank gawd.



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