Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Search and Destroy.

'Lo all.

Wednesday. Shenanigans.

Woke up early, went to school in the cold, Denny's birthday today. Lucky bastard, getting a panel van and all. Much as I would like to join his night out at the legendary Never Open Mexican joint, I'll be on bloody music camp.

Media first, Pat, Jake, Oliver and I were each other's creative consultants for our storyboards. I reckon I've got a pretty good representation of Jasper's failure to kick a soccerball. Pat's will be excellent if he can pull it off, same with Jake's. Oliver's will be damn funny to watch.

Spare. So good. Talked to Potter and Georgia about camps. Wish I could have gone on all the Melbourne camps, oh well. Cameron said my hard drive might be dead, which is very, very annoying. I'm going to need a computer with huge storage to fix it. The plan is, hook up iPod to better computer, copy EVERYTHING on it, then get hard drive fixed. That way I'll still have my 45gb of music, and a backup. I can get movies and such from other kids again later, if I do have to wipe drive.

Recess was banana ritual ("Why do they all have bananas?" "Why are they shouting?"). Denny got the coolest card from Kelly, it made a Chewbacca noise then played the Star Wars theme. Pretty funny.

Maths was dull, got lectured about things I already knew about, did some work, pretty meh.

Lit was a bit more lecturing, but we watched a bit of movie. Still not looking forward to next SAC.

In house meetings we had to sing 'I Just Can't Wait to be King'. This is a stupid song because you've got that damn Mr Bean bird talking all the way through. How do you sing that? Stupid. Not that we were singing, Dayne and I were murmuring along. Lunch involved checking on The Lemon and The Orange. The Lemon was taken down, and Aiden crushed it. It was all hollow and crackled. Circle of guys in a corridor, trackies around their ankles to show their shorts. Cue prospective parent and child being led around by Walshy's mum. Everyone pulls their pants up except Isaac. Wish my camera had battery.

Went to soccer, it's good to be a year twelve. We didn't do much, then we got split into four teams for 2 half pitch games. I was on skins team with Aiden, Tom, Dayne, Isaac, Jake, and Jake. We kicked arse against Derek and Jay's team. I even scored a goal. They eventually won by a goal because the wind caught a ball that Aiden almost had, but oh well. Jake and I were munted from running back and forth, and Tom collected Tsubasa. Apparently Steve got a kid even worse, Agnik labelled him a brick wall.

Back to school, usual wasting time, then down the street for chips. I'm enjoying this, it's a chance to regroup. Bitched about female psychology and how Sam's is like an Indian burial ground, and how homework and Commodores suck (since Sam reckons he's getting one).

Get home, get food, get changed, ship out to work, bossman gives me a new job. De-gunge the doors and coolrooms. After sweeping out the dry store, grabbed a knife and a scrubber and went to work chipping out bits of crap from cracks in the room that was like 0 degrees. Wiffy caught me scratching away at a door, which I thought was amusing. Chef was pretty merciful, after mopping out the cool room he made me a sandwich, and since it was so dead outside Jords and I finished fairly early.

And here we are. I've been loading up Bernice's iPod with some music, not as much as I'd give her had my hard drive been working, but oh well. She'll like some of it, and I hope she at least gives The XX and Emancipator a listen.

Tomorrow's Thursday. I have a history thing to finish off before then, which I'll do now. It's a casual day, which means I'm going to have to scrounge a couple of dollars. It's also work day, and I'm going to freeze to death. Wish I had double spare.



b 16 (RED TIME!) d 199 f 65

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