Monday, April 26, 2010

The Scrap Iron Sky.

'Lo everyone.

Bloody hell.

Get up to go to work early, like it said on the roster. Roster has been changed. They wanted me there an hour later. Fine, says I, I'll just stick around for an extra hour, clean up dry store or something. Plus there's a new dude, which I expected. However, he's got all the shifts next week. And my shifts for this week have been cut from three to one and a question mark. I'm having Vietnam flashbacks to last year when I had no work for two months.

Work itself was meh, kinda busy, got sent home early cos everything was gone in an hour. Strange. Glad I got the extra hour in, I guess.

Go home, go down the street again, catch Tom, and visit the boardo. It's like a nursing home. I felt a bit out of place, all the boardos wandering around playing pool and such. Carlton was winning in the footy though, pretty awesome. We tried to get a photo copied, but Harvey Norman said they couldn't because it's a professional photo. Dammit.

After that, head home, print essay, then go to school. Poor Ms Dosser. She's been at school all day on her day off helping us stupid year twelves. Her stomach and my stomach had a rumble off. I did feel sorry for her, but watching her mark my essay in real time right in front of me was just plain scary. Overall she was satisfied, but I gotta clean it up a bit, as I expected. Gave me a good third point too.

Home again, finish goddamn essay. Now I just gotta replan it for tomorrow, which will be fun.

Tomorrow, gotta play at assembly, gotta kick this SAC's arse, gotta do something for media as well. Hurm.

Oh yeah, yesterday I watched this while eating pie.

Baseketball - ****
Really funny. A little dated, but very funny. Dunno about the Randy and Cartman cameos, but meh. Good.



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