Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Runway, Houses, City, Clouds.

'Lo readers.

Munted at the moment.

Today was pretty meh, to be honest.

Get to school, kids are discussing how we're going to be banned from everything including breathing for the bananas (fair enough, cept we cleaned them up), the Miley Cyrus stickers (which have been around for months doing no harm), and the VCE study room being trashed (wtf?). Meh, if we get banned from the common room, I don't really mind. There's other places to sit than the year twelve area. And I can't remember the last time I visited the VCE study room.

First up was bio, got my book back, we're still on cellular communication, which is much more interesting than plant hormones. Jesus.

Then media, after fiddling around a fair bit, got my 35 seconds of footage. Had to cut a fair bit because it looked crap, and for some reason some of the stuff I remember shooting didn't appear. Weird.

Recess, helped scratch off Miley Cyrus stickers. A little melancholy, to be honest. We'll miss her.

History was slow, got work done, took notes, the usual. Have two practice SACs to do before next week, but I'm a little confident.

Finally lit, after a bit of amusement at Emily, Isobelle, and Ryan's expense, more talking about how our ideas suck and such.

Lunchtime. Chilled out with the droogs, played a scrappy game of markers up with some year tens, then headed to indoor soccer. It was Isaac, Dayne, Agnik, Sarah, Amanda and Aino against a bunch of year tens. If we lost, it would be awful, and said year tens would never let us forget. So we played hard. Even Agnik scored a goal, well done that man.

Back to school, it was raining. Joy. Get home, finish all my lit homework, then off to work. Such fun. Dishes did not stop, because for some reason there were like twenty people on a table. Chef had a couple of good quotes, and we discussed photography. No de-gungifying things.

Get home, shower, swap scary stories with Isobelle, and here I am.

Tomorrow's double spare Thursday. I'm guessing Ms Dyke will try and scare us into behaving. Meh. I haven't done anything wrong. Famous last words, no?



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