Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Night At The Roxbury.

'Lo all.

Well, I'm not dead yet. Working on it, but not yet.

Since I posted last Friday, I spent Saturday working, then went in on Sunday but got sent home after two minutes, which wasn't cool. Spent an enjoyable weekend to myself procrastinating over homework and playing pokemon while blaring music incredibly loud.

On Monday, went to the cinema with the horde.

Clash of the Titans - **
Crap script, crap acting, crap story (seriously, wtf Zeus), but I guess it looked good. Some bits seemed stolen right out of Lord of the Rings (looking at you mountain-walky-scenes and saddled scorpions), and both the Stonem siblings from Skins were in there, which was strange. I dunno.

After that, hung around down the street, Denny trounced me at pokemans, then we went to Annie's and played on omegle. Denny pretended he was suicidal, Jess appeared on webcam until we all popped up and trolled some lonely dude, and we scared a lot of people. Good times.

Tuesday was lit seminar day. Got an essay to do, watched a bit of stupid adaptation, then went for chips with Emily, Ryan and Isobelle. Saw a few kids down the street too. Then home, started essay. It's hell. We have no film to reference in a thing where we're supposed to compare film to play. Stupid stupid stupid.

The next few days are a blur of homework and crap. On Thursday went to Pat's Sale place to play video games with Tom and Aiden, went for a midnight run (in bare feet) to Coles for doritos, and proved I'm second best at both guitar hero and red faction. Lots of arguing over mi goreng, and I had to sleep in a garage that looked like a crack den (at least I got the big bed, unlike Aiden who was crammed into a little kids bed).

On Saturday I got a full shift at work, which was awesome. Will be rolling in money.

While I remember, A Night At The Roxbury - ***
It's dated, but it's still funny. Prototype Will Ferrell, I reckon. Worth seeing. And that goddamn Haddaway song was stuck in my head, sucked.

Sometime in between all this, I got tickets to see The Strokes in July with Aiden, Meg and Isobelle, am seriously considering getting tickets to see Powderfinger's farewell show in September with Aiden, Bernice and I dunno who else, I helped Jess with her psych stuff and brought up some good memories of zombies from last year, and I managed to get all of my history, bio, and lit homework done. Hells yeah.

So, a homework-filled, mildly stressful end to the holidays. So glad I could sleep though.

Really, really not looking forward to tomorrow. The kids will be all shouty and complaining about homework (but then, so will I), and there'll be the early waking up and it'll be cold and ew. But we get to wear pants. That's awesome.



(b 16, (beaten elite four twice), d 182)

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