Friday, April 23, 2010

New York City Cops.

'Lo all.


All of my party are now lvl 60, I'm so proud of them. Cept now I should start training up Larv.

Get to school, business as usual, double media first up. Finish editing my little film (read; play with filters and time stretching). Pat and Oliver's are really good, they should youtube theirs. Gotta storyboard up kung fu coffee making, and two other creative ways of looking at making coffee over the weekend, joy.

Then recess followed by spare, watched half of Public Enemies with Georgia. Good film so far.

Maths was pretty quiet, transition matrices seem deceptively simple.

Lunch. Try to visit Dossatron twice, missed her, but oh well. We sat around making double entendres, the usual. Denny's bottle of coke exploded, which was amusing.

Bio was slow, we had a true or false test which was fairly easy, then revision on kidneys and calcium. It's really fascinating, I swear. You gotta believe me.

Finally history, did not get as much work done as I should have because I was sitting next to Isobelle and she is distracting, with her stick figures and lewdness.

After school, finally catch up with Dosstimus Prime and schedule a time to meet on Monday, which conveniently enough is like 5pm. That means all night cram session before the SAC the next day. We then headed down the street for chips, and Denny, Pat, Hayden and I sat around for an hour and a half swapping stories and scaring passerbys.

Ventured to Spotlight to pick up an eyepatch, Denny and Pat found the masks. Then we saw Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus in Magnum, but none of us were game enough to buy it. Maybe when I have more money, I'll pick it up for us.

Get home, chill, I have started some media. Tomorrow, chip away at lit essay in between work and heading to Briagalong. I still don't know how to play cluedo...



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