Sunday, April 18, 2010

The last music camp.

'Lo all.

Another one of those "OMG LAST THING EVER!" things. Depressing?

So. Friday. Hung around for a period of biology, said happy birthday to Sam, then after being examined by Georgia and Jack and sent on a run around the quad, ditched bio to hang out with the musicians and ensure the bloody eupho was on the truck.

Year Twelve Party Bus was fairly quiet, lots of pokeman battles across the aisle, Dayne got his arse kicked. Twice. Get to the place, unstack stuff, rehearsal sesh. After two of these, we were starving. No food til dinner. That's just wrong, not even any biscuits? Was in Pat's room again, since he had decided to come along and play his tuba for the first time this year. Convenient.

During dinner (where Claire and Pat and I had salt and pepper races), we found out the guest musician, who was a metro ex-hippy singer from Melbourne. We had fun and games (read, musical chairs and that I Never game that they played last year). I sat out with Claire and laughed as the kids mercilessly tore down Emily's self esteem and Jake, Aiden and Pat ran around in women's clothing. Here's a photo of Jake in his tights.

We then had another exciting singing session. The ex-hippy is a big fan of the eighties, and mashups. I'm cool with mashups so I went with it. Can't Touch This/Push It/Ice Ice Baby, Amazing Grace/Beautiful Day/Wonderful World, a Smiths song, Mamma Mia, and Long Way to the Top. Meh. Got it over and done with by going ridiculously low. Lulu, Claire and Isobelle joined us in the bass section while Pat gave tenor a go. We decided not to go raiding that night, since we were munted.

Then yesterday. More rehearsal. At one stage the choir kids left so we played a Grease medley. Then some breaks to chill or do homework. Or even play each other's instruments, like Lulu here trying the eupho. After about ten minutes of working it out, she could play my solo at the start of one of the pieces. Well done that woman.

So yeah, she was pretty happy. That night, more fun and games, since us year twelves had written the questions for the trivia night. It favoured the year elevens, so we tried to have a year eleven on each table, but oh well. Mrs Dosser and her Dossette and her friend had a go as well. The music nerd questions almost went down well (they aren't as nerdy as we used to be, or the years above us), the music ones were alright until Jenny tried to make the kids guess the songs (again, I'm pretty sure that 90% of the kids have no idea who Ella Fitzgerald was), and included Emily's cover of Time is Running Out, which almost made her flip the table. The cultural ones were meh, and the year twelve ones were pretty funny, specially since we gave marks for creativity and compliments. Then we had a singing contest. Instead of falsetto off, it was Spicks and Specks substitute. Pretty lame, since no one wanted to sing. Should have stuck with the falsetto off. The team with two year elevens ended up winning it, beating the staff.

After more singing, then karaoke and dancing (Peter Garrett style, as shown above), back to the 'rooms' (you had to be there) to watch the end of a gay Adam Sandler movie, then since we were bored, went back outside. Maddy, Isobelle and Claire grabbed me and we ran for some reason, ended up on the road staring at stars which was cool til we heard a car coming. Wandered back to the girls rooms, was at the door when Mr Iverson appeared out of nowhere and told everyone to get to bed. Dammit.

The droogs and I regrouped in Aiden and Jake's room, and spent about half an hour discussing dump techniques. I may have to try The Levitator and The Jenga, though I'm not sure about The Avalanche. Isobelle was disgusted, as I kept her posted. Now, the nintendo ds has this thing where you can chat wirelessly, and draw pictures. Once we got kicked out of Aiden's room, we worked this out. We spent a good hour drawing the most obscene things imaginable to each other while we prepared the plan for Pat and Robbo's streak across the oval. About one am, Pat went to Aiden's room to jump out their window, since ours had been screwed shut. After keeping an ear out, I made Dayne jump out too when he randomly popped up, then we sprinted out to meet the rest. Couple of year elevens had rocked up as well, with Connor as their representative. Standing at one end of the oval, Patrick, Aiden, Robbo and Connor quickly stripped then took off awkwardly. I attempted to take a photo but it was too dark. The flash (lol) scared the hell out of them. They made it back, we laughed, and snuck back inside. Then we crashed.

This morning, almost slept through breakfast with Mrs Dosser making jokes about me (hurr hurr), then more rehearsal. Screamed through a three movement piece which was tolerable by the end, and a crappy Beatles medley, then food and more singing, after we all visited the little shop to pick up supplies (shop keeper was not happy when we flicked through the magazines, pretty funny). Bus trip home was pretty cool cos we got the plush awesome minibus. More singing in the bus, I was bloody sick of it. Girls watched their medieval porn, Dayne used my ds to trade lots of pokemans. The man's an opportunist.

Get back to school, help Claire and her dad unpack the truck, then go home, get some homework done, and I've basically been wasting time since. I'm very tired.

Tomorrow is Monday. At least we get a spare before even more band.



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Anonymous said...

I find you your blogs strangely mezmorising but i'm pretty cut I didn't get a mention as I was the other half of the 2 year 11's that planned the meeting place for the "Robbo" run.