Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm going to Kate's, are you?

'Lo all.

Sick of year twelve. Just. Sick of it.

Get up at eight, this is bad. Sprint through shower and kitchen and somehow get dressed on the way.

Get to school on time, but it turns out we don't have to play at assembly because of an ANZAC service. Homeroom, swapped stories about the weekend, apparently Sam's poker night was all Indian-burial-ground-y again, Jesss's was meh, and no one knows what happened to the kid in Maffra. Here's Meg in a bow tie and her souvenier from the weekend.

Isobelle did the Last Post very well, service was standard stuff cept for a crow sitting on the flagpole.

Then off to media, such fun. We had a SAC sort of thing, none of us were really expecting it. Pulled a page of intention out of my arse. Gotta storyboard now, then get Denny to dress up as a samurai on the weekend.

History was slow, lecture on SAC structure for Friday, not looking forward to it at all. I've been saving practice SACs, and plan on knocking down a couple of them over the next few days, then get some feedback on Thursday. Meh.

Recess, print out essay then get shouted at because I don't know something I do... or something. All I know is that something happened, I don't know what that something is. Confusing. A little amusing.

Maths. Got work done. Matrices should be alright. Chatted about football (WEEE AAARE THE NAVY BLUUEESS!) and going to the movies on the weekend. Not that I have any money...

Lunch. Went over SAC in study room in the library. Lotta lit kids. Did a practice thing, wrote out intro using the plan, and got it fairly close. That's a confidence boost. Went up to the lit classroom, class is sitting there, catch up a bit with Noobie and the rest, then into the breach. 50 minutes and 3 and half (out of 6) paragraphs later, stop scribbling to read over everything and get the hell out.

Spare was so good, swapped ideas for the alphabet-themed 18ths coming up with Georgia (Pat wants me to go as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to Tara's T party), while Sam and Pat made kickarse paper planes that did loops.

After school, kids were all in a bad mood, sky was threatening rain, and since there was a surprise jazz rehearsal and an outdoor camp there was no one really heading down. So, walked down with Laura and had an impromptu D&M, wasn't expecting that. I think she needed to vent. She's still cool. Met Emily, Potter and Mini Potter having coffee after replacing headphones, then met Georgia and Cumpster outside the chicken shop, and we wandered around for an hour or so doing random stuff like buying lightbulbs. Chips are always good, even better on a cold day. Rode home, started a little history, and here I am, basically.

I need money, and to get money, I need work, and to get work I gotta find out what the hell is going on there. Right now I just gotta pay for some more driving lessons, I guess, but who knows what will pop up. Gotta save for the pub crawl with Aiden, Wakely and Emma in July too. (And fingers crossed for Tame Impala as the Strokes' support act!)

Tomorrow, going to finish this damned lit SAC, then party hard in indoor soccer, I guess.



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