Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Think In Spongebob.

'Lo all.

Bloody hell.

Fire Drill Tuesday today. It would be much more exciting if they didn't tell us in homeroom, cancel assembly for it, then change all the times around.

Get to school, spare first, so good. We chilled, and whinged about Bairnsdale and how people get stabbed there.

Media was annoying more than anything else, hook up camera to computer, didn't work. Get cord, passed around to me, hook it up, copy some narcissistic year elevens putting other year elevens in a bin. Dammit. Wait for cord to get passed around again, then copy my footage. Tomorrow, editing.

Recess, slow.

Double maths, my favourite. Got work done, whinged to the other kids, then we had LOCKDOWN! TERRORIST KIDS LISTENING TO HEAVY METAL RUNNING AROUND WITH FULLY AUTOMATIC HIGH CALIBRE FIREARMS ON A SUICIDE MISSION TO TAKE DOWN AS MANY OF THEIR LOVING, UNDERSTANDING AND GOOD CLASS MATES AS THEY CAN! Well, not really. Brenno made us shut the curtains, then he went outside and spent two minutes locking the door. He'd be dead meat in a real lockdown. Beside, pulling curtains down does not mean bulletproof windows.

Then we all went outside for the roll call, usual jokes about being burnt alive and such. Lunch was slow, hung out with Emma and Dayno listening to music while some of the kids tried out for netball. Isaac's swimming cap treasure he found yesterday was filled with water, here's the result.

It's a funny size cos it needed cropping and zoooom. Someone threw a pen at it after this was taken, and it burst. Very amusing.

Headed to lit after this, two periods going through the third act of the film, so much fun. Meant to be working in partners, Emily decides it's all going too fast and figures she'll do it at home. Her and Isobelle were focussed on going to Ibiza in their gap year. Gawd.

After school I headed down the street with Ryan and Annie, met Wakely in Leading Edge after they couldn't order InnerSpeaker or Brothers (disappoint), then we got chips. Sam, Jake and the boardos rocked up, good time had by all. Wakely's got all these legendary pokemans, he steals them off traded in carts at EB, the bastard. Got a lift from Sam, he's a pretty good driver cept for when he got lost on Dundas st.

Get home, stare at lit for a while, decide to google around for some background. It's still sitting there, trying to entice me to finish it. It's like barely anything, and I have no motivation. Pathetic.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Joy. Sport and work.


Anyway, the end.

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