Friday, April 30, 2010

I am Iron Man.

'Lo readers.

Jesus. TGIF, etc.

After studying hard all yesterday, get up too early today to hunt for more quotes. Fun.

Get to school, double bio first up, wasn't too bad since it was mostly a movie.

Recess. Chilled. Kids studying feverishly for history. In my spare, jocks were noisy, so I followed April to the library. We agreed that we were doomed.

We got to the room a bit early, and got revved up. Even Lauren was being all tricky hunting for quotes. I stole one of Isobelle's good ones, since I gave her one of mine. Get in there, get sheet, scribble down as much of the quotes as I can remember, then relax and actually do the SAC. I kept to the lines, was finished on the bell, mentioned a whole lotta historians, and even squeezed in some statistics and dates. Felt confident on my way out until the smart kids were being all worried. Instead of a feeling of superiority, I figured I'd probably missed something.

Lunch. Pick up cameras, pick up storyboards, chill out with Emma and Dayne and the rest.

Then lit, which was movie. Ms Dosser was exhausted. Stupid April said protagonist looked like me. Ugly looking guy with messy black hair does not equal me. Well. It does but not here.

After being bored to death there, went to maths, got a practice SAC, and Nemo and I smashed it. Got one wrong, and it was the only question not related to the topic, so we figured it was ok.

Bell went, headed home to pick up Pat's media kit from Jake who was kind enough to drop it off, then rode down the street for chips with the droogs. Suddenly, boarders everywhere. We didn't do much, wandered around, and Sam decided we should all go see Iron Man tonight instead of tomorrow. Meh.

Go home, Beardman is pulling apart my computer. I'm a little shocked when he says it isn't exactly working, but him and Denny went nuts and, well, it works now and it's much faster, so thanks kids. Sam arrives with maccas, and we shoot my media thing with Denny that I have to hand in. Then Hayden arrives and Sam drives us to the cinema. Fraser was dragged along, in exchange for silence and free food. Good crowd at the cinema too.

Iron Man 2 - ****1/2
Best bit, by far, was the drunken brawl between two suits set to Daft Punk's Robot Rock. Very satisfying film, for all the slow bits and deus ex machinae and jaw dropping suspension of belief ("Congratulations, you have invented a new element" springs to mind), it was really good. Go see it, totally worth it.

After that, drop Annie off, then go home. Sam and Hayden dropped off Fraser, and Pat's sitting there picking up his media stuff. His mum wasn't particularly happy when he and Denny got into a discussion on the pokerus as they were leaving. Then Denny left, and here I am.

Tomorrow, lit. Going to smash this thing. Not 100% sure exactly what I have to do, but I'll smash it, dammit. Looking forward to the sleep in.



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