Monday, April 19, 2010

Hobo with a Shotgun.

'Lo readers.

What's this? An enjoyable Monday?

So, after nearly sleeping through to eight am (that's bad), drag self to school, meet up with some kids, Sarah says I'm Monseuir Brunette for her Cluedo party. This should be fun, I don't know how to play Cluedo and I get to wear an eyepatch.

Bio first. I could feel myself falling asleep as we discussed plant hormones. I'm glad I don't have to write essays on the subject like Alice and Tess.

Lit next, was scared into being awake. Topic today was thesaurus use since Mrs Dosser has realised Bernice is just using the synonym thing in Word. We also went over the point of my last essay, which is convenient.

Recess. Fairly quiet, I think. Told stories from music camp and Sally tried to get us singing again.

History was alright, talked to Pat and Steve, got notes down, reckon I've got an alright understanding. Wednesday and Thursday will be all revision though.

And then I almost fell asleep in maths. Mrr. (dammit Isobelle).

Lunchtime. Shenanigans.

So that's Isaac catching Denny with one of those newfangled pokeballs, and Georgia in the corner refusing to laugh. He then caught Agnik, and Emma and Aiden. We chillaxed for a bit after that, as Isobelle tried to sabotage Tom's game of mario.

Media was fun, we rushed around shooting films. Mine went alright until an entire PE class walked past and I had to change all the angles around, so I might have to reshoot. Then Jake's, where Oliver was fly kicked by Pat, fairly spectacular. Oliver's next, we violated Patrick. Pat's was last, we rushed to an unlocked boy's toilet and tried not to laugh as Pat provided his own sound effects. Looking forward to seeing how they all look.

Spare last, chilled out some more. Sarah is a mad Snake player. Apparently some gangster died, and this got way more attention than I expected. I'm guessing a combination of bogans and Underbelly is to blame for this.

Band next, scream through two parts of a three piece suite, chatted to Isobelle, Claire and Aiden about dear old Alex Coy and Dr Who (new girl is hot, but I was only half watching it, sisters love it), and then went home to see the Smith brothers and Denny chilling in my shed.

Sam got his Ps today, well done that man. To celebrate, we planned the most epic maccas run ever. So, kids were dropped at my place by Jason, Jake and Sam, we worked out that we should buy four $20 boxes. Sam and Hayden, and Jake, Aaron and Jason took off. They came back twenty minutes later, after Denny and I had discussed GWAR (google it), with 8 big macs, 8 cheeseburgers, 16 drinks, 16 chips, and 4 things of chicken nuggets. Which we all finished. It was pretty awesome. Fraser tried to be cool and hang out with us, think he's now in love with Aaron.

Then got some stuff done, I should do some lit but I'll do it tomorrow, I have no motivation yet. Essay tomorrow, practice essay over the weekend, then SAC the next week. Joy.

Tomorrow's Tuesday. Gotta go down the street and see if Leading Edge has held on to my TCV shirt, and check when I'm working, and sell a ticket to Wakely.



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