Tuesday, April 13, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Mrrr. Not interested.

Woke up late, went to school, in assembly we had spider races. Got a fire stone from Dayne, Aiden got an exp share off him, the bastard.

First up was history, got some work done, talked pokemans with Steve and Pat.

Then media, have to take some footage of Pat kicking a soccerball and failing miserably. Should be fun.

Recess. It was Jess, Nemo, Hayden and Finky's birthday. Jesus. So, lots of kids running around screaming.

Then maths, ever so much fun. Matrices are pretty damn easy though.

Bio. More nervous system. Have studied this before. Oh well. No excuses.

Lunchtime. Bored. Hung out with Lulu and Tara, then wandered around between groups. Meh.

Lit last. Oh boy. Ryan gave me a Hedda dvd, well done that man. Then we got our SACs back, and were promptly chewed out. Apparently our vocab sucks, our understanding sucks, our approach sucks, our work level and attitudes suck... Meh.

Spare next was a relief, enjoyed my coffee, chatted to Georgia and Gavin, and Goody tried to get groupies. Potter was stressing over her tattoo design. At least it's subtle.

After school, headed down the street with Denny, Kelly, Pat and Alison, got some chips, met Jake, Meg, Jess and some boardos, waved to Noobie across the road, chatted to Ryan and Pat about pokemans for an hour, then we swapped stories about GIS campaigns. Beacon Hills sounds bloody scary.

Went home, considered doing media work, instead I tried to get my hard drive working. It didn't seem to want to pop up. It'll connect, it'll whir and light up, it'll beep on the computer, but it won't read. Not happy. Will have to fix this somehow.

Tickets to The Strokes arrived today, gotta talk to Wakely and Isobelle about this. Aiden found cheap hotel, so it should be fun, trick will be having money for pub crawl afterwards.

Tomorrow's Wednesday, it'll be cold, then we'll have soccer tryouts. Worth it for the run around, but we already know who'll get picked. Then I've got work, if they keep me. Joy.


Photos are coming back soon, I promise.

Anyway, the end.

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