Thursday, April 29, 2010

Face Pollution.

'Lo everyone.

Thursday. Can feel the cortisol chipping me away.

Go to school with Tame Impala thumping away in my repaired new earphones (bastards broke after one day, stooged), extended homeroom was fairly quiet, then chapel. They tried to make us learn a new song.

Maths first up, pretty slow.

Recess. Realised I'd forgotten the log book for the driving thing at lunchtime, figure I'd call the Beardman. No reply, naturally. Panicked for five minutes with a newly-toothless Emma until I saw him talking to Mr Collins outside the gym. WTF.

Anyway, got book, he got computers, and then I went to lit where we started Keats instead of Vonnegut. A little sad, but Ms Dosser was running on fumes since she got no sleep last night (debaters gone wild), and gave us a handout. Chucked on some crappy period movie too, nearly fell asleep. Ryan was enamoured by the costuming, but we agreed that they needed far more gears and brass wotsits to be proper cool.

Bio. We had a look at our bacteria cultures, one of them worked pretty well, then headed out to a driving lesson with Trev. Pretty meh, stalled once after successfully reverse parking. Damn straight.

Got back in time to watch Isaac and Sam perform an experiment on gravity which involved pouring water down the roof over the lockers. Fairly amusing.

History, got some points down, I am relatively prepared. It'll be ever so much fun tomorrow.

Finally media, finished storyboarding, got half the statement of realisation down, probably should have finished it. I write too small, Pat managed to get a page. Maybe I should just talk more crap.

After school, scream home, then off again to meet up with Wakely and do a suss looking deal in front of the everyone. Still. One ticket to go now. Work was pretty meh. Same old same old.

Get home, start grindan for history. Got some quotes I should be remembering, and a vague idea of the main events in some sort of chronological order. I'll be fine.

Tomorrow, SAC time, but it'll be Friday. Gotta find out if I'm working.



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