Friday, April 2, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Yesterday was annoying, hung around all day, went to work, and promptly died.

After visiting the bloody chemists a third time, picked up some supplies and went to Denny's. Pat, Emily, Jake and Denny were watching One Piece. After a while Ryan rocked up, so Jake and Emily decided to pick up pizza and Isobelle. The rest of us had a serious discussion about pokemon (they're all taking it far too seriously), then everyone came back and Ryan lost to Denny in a heated double battle.

First movie of the evening was Aqua Teen Hunger Force colon Movie Film for Theatres. An old favourite. Didn't make much sense fourth time around either.

Second movie was Troy, or at least the first three quarters. Cue Emily whinging about how she hates these sorts of movies, and Pat and I discussing Greeks. It looks good, but it still drags too long.

Third movie was Jake's, an indie film called Elephant.

Elephant - ****
Genuinely chilling, based of a true story about a school shooting in the States. Was made all Memento style as well. Except for the gay scenes, which seemed tacked on and unneccessary (unless to gross us out, which it did), it was an excellent movie. The FPS scenes in particular were clever.

After that Emily put her foot down, so we watched her pick of my movies, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Doesn't matter who I'm watching it with, the first half of this movie will keep a constant smile on my face. Shame the message and ending is so sobering. Excellent movie.

We decided we were tired after this, and since Jake had left we somehow all ended up with somewhere to sleep. Ryan had nicked off to Denny's room and we thought he had crashed. Somehow a massive pillowfight erupted, which only ended when Pat slid over and landed arse first on a wooden pyramid thing. Painful. Next, into the kitchen, mixing energy drinks with god knows what and Emily ate some reheated raspberry things that looked like blood clots. Someone found some duct tape, there were lots of moonings, and we were all in the bathroom weighing ourselves at one point (this made me depressed, dammit).

Patrick. No alcohol needed at all. He does this all the time. Just kicks into Spartan mode every now and then.

Isobelle with her trademark blog face and Emily. Denny's intruding with the giant cli-exercise ball. >.>

We snapped and went back to pillowfighting on the couches, then Denny put on You're Welcome America. Will Ferrel's a genius. At about ten past five we realised it was ten past five so we slept.

I couldn't sleep, despite the couch Isobelle donated, but then I remember waking up with everyone else so I guess it's not all bad. After hanging around with the rest, Pat and I rode home, agreed to see Clash of the Titans next week, and then I got some history homework done. Not enough, tomorrow after work I'm going to have to get more finished. Not fun at all.

Tomorrow is work and history homework. Yay.



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