Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black Hole Sun.

'Lo everyone.

Depressing kind of day today, I guess.

Get up early, get a little more history done, still not feeling confident even though I know most of the stuff, and after showering the door caught me on the knee. It hurt.

Go to school freezing, first up is media, get all three storyboards down, now I just have to polish them, and write why I'm filming in this particular way. It'll be so boring.

Spare next. Chill out in the sun chatting to Goody and Georgia while playing solitaire. Good times.

Recess was dull from what I can remember. If we did do something, don't feel bad that I forgot, I'm tired.

Maths. Fell asleep a little. Jake, Sam and I all got sidetracked on the same question until Nemo rescued us.

Then second half of lit SAC (Lit in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Gawd I'm funny). I got it all done with about ten minutes to spare, spent proofreading, which I've probably screwed up. Oh well. I'm guessing a C+.

Lunchtime. Chilled. Usual misadventures. Went to play some indoor soccer, much more year twelves this time. We kicked arse. Steve got swapped to the little kids (well, 10/11s) team, but we kept Geordie and he is damn good.

After school, got conscripted into Binks dance with Tom, Aiden and Pat (this will be amusing), then went down the street with Emily. Jesus, what is this. Two days in a row. Anyway, we wandered around, I think she needed to vent, ended up in maccas cos it was warm, saw Gollywog, then home to go over history stuff. Study Room is as useful as the bloody textbook. Helped the year eleven kid too, that's my good deed done for the day. Grabbed some more music too, since there was an excellent grunge thread I stumbled across. Soundgarden, Pavement, Temple of the Dog... should be good.

Tomorrow's no spare Thursday. It'll be cold. It'll be hell. Meh. Get it over and done with.



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