Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adventures in Briag.

'Lo all.

Eventful weekend so far.

Work was pretty easy, but we're understaffed cos three chefs have quit in the last couple of weeks. Jeremy has left for some reason. Oh well. Sammy is the new head chef, well done that man.

Get home, get a rough plan and then an introduction done for literature, get a lift to Annie's, chill out there til Agnik rocks up then go all the way down to Briagolong. We chillax in the cafe place, then we get food. Figured I'd go along for the ride.

After getting food (for free, thanks heaps), and arguing with Agnik about his future and encouraging James to dress up as Mrs Dosser, we headed back to Sarah's mansion. We had a look around ("look at all these rooms!" "look at all these keys!" "woah... kitchen!"), headed to a dining room for cake and such. We encouraged Agnik to at least sip some champagne, abused Jasper for not having beer, then decided to play murder in the dark.

Cue lots of screaming and falling over each other, of course. Lauren had a clever tactic of hiding in a corner, Agnik figured he'd go under a chair til Jake decided to sit on him. We moved on to mario kart, and James and Isobelle made a drinking game out of it (every time a kid changes position, take a drink), so they got going pretty quick. Jasper and Jake left, so Janelle and James (so many Js) decided to have a drinking competition, a variation of kings of blood. We cheated to get James pissed, he wasn't happy. We ran out of girly drinks, and since we were threatening to run out of beer too (NOT THE BEER) we were reduced to the champagne from earlier. Which James made Janelle scull. Amusing.

By this stage kids were getting munted, especially Sarah, funnily enough. So we chilled. New respect for Kate, she knows Zeppelin. Lauren's very giggly (but she swore she wasn't drunk), and we thought we lost Isobelle and Agnik til we found them arguing outside. Figured we should crash after that, Isobelle and I kept everyone up laughing at pathetic, pathetic jokes, then four hours later we all woke up because Kyna had to march for ANZAC Day. Got a lift to Stratford with Sarah and Agnik (who were off to pick Agnik a career in Melbourne), Janelle (who was flying back to uni in Sydney), and Annie. Train home was quiet, but there were a million people waiting in Sale, most of them for the footy. Walked home, my headphones are dying. So sad.

So yeah, not a bad party, different crowd, but they're still cool. I missed out on a murder at a house party in Maffra (seriously), and Jess had a thing and there was a couple of ghetto parties as well. Fun fun fun.

Get home, get down. By the afternoon, 95% finished literature essay, now it needs padding and polishing, which will happen tomorrow night after I visit Ms Dosser. And I gotta work, joy.

I'd chuck photos up but the battery is so dead they all ended up bad, sorry.


Anyway, the end.

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