Friday, April 30, 2010

I am Iron Man.

'Lo readers.

Jesus. TGIF, etc.

After studying hard all yesterday, get up too early today to hunt for more quotes. Fun.

Get to school, double bio first up, wasn't too bad since it was mostly a movie.

Recess. Chilled. Kids studying feverishly for history. In my spare, jocks were noisy, so I followed April to the library. We agreed that we were doomed.

We got to the room a bit early, and got revved up. Even Lauren was being all tricky hunting for quotes. I stole one of Isobelle's good ones, since I gave her one of mine. Get in there, get sheet, scribble down as much of the quotes as I can remember, then relax and actually do the SAC. I kept to the lines, was finished on the bell, mentioned a whole lotta historians, and even squeezed in some statistics and dates. Felt confident on my way out until the smart kids were being all worried. Instead of a feeling of superiority, I figured I'd probably missed something.

Lunch. Pick up cameras, pick up storyboards, chill out with Emma and Dayne and the rest.

Then lit, which was movie. Ms Dosser was exhausted. Stupid April said protagonist looked like me. Ugly looking guy with messy black hair does not equal me. Well. It does but not here.

After being bored to death there, went to maths, got a practice SAC, and Nemo and I smashed it. Got one wrong, and it was the only question not related to the topic, so we figured it was ok.

Bell went, headed home to pick up Pat's media kit from Jake who was kind enough to drop it off, then rode down the street for chips with the droogs. Suddenly, boarders everywhere. We didn't do much, wandered around, and Sam decided we should all go see Iron Man tonight instead of tomorrow. Meh.

Go home, Beardman is pulling apart my computer. I'm a little shocked when he says it isn't exactly working, but him and Denny went nuts and, well, it works now and it's much faster, so thanks kids. Sam arrives with maccas, and we shoot my media thing with Denny that I have to hand in. Then Hayden arrives and Sam drives us to the cinema. Fraser was dragged along, in exchange for silence and free food. Good crowd at the cinema too.

Iron Man 2 - ****1/2
Best bit, by far, was the drunken brawl between two suits set to Daft Punk's Robot Rock. Very satisfying film, for all the slow bits and deus ex machinae and jaw dropping suspension of belief ("Congratulations, you have invented a new element" springs to mind), it was really good. Go see it, totally worth it.

After that, drop Annie off, then go home. Sam and Hayden dropped off Fraser, and Pat's sitting there picking up his media stuff. His mum wasn't particularly happy when he and Denny got into a discussion on the pokerus as they were leaving. Then Denny left, and here I am.

Tomorrow, lit. Going to smash this thing. Not 100% sure exactly what I have to do, but I'll smash it, dammit. Looking forward to the sleep in.



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Face Pollution.

'Lo everyone.

Thursday. Can feel the cortisol chipping me away.

Go to school with Tame Impala thumping away in my repaired new earphones (bastards broke after one day, stooged), extended homeroom was fairly quiet, then chapel. They tried to make us learn a new song.

Maths first up, pretty slow.

Recess. Realised I'd forgotten the log book for the driving thing at lunchtime, figure I'd call the Beardman. No reply, naturally. Panicked for five minutes with a newly-toothless Emma until I saw him talking to Mr Collins outside the gym. WTF.

Anyway, got book, he got computers, and then I went to lit where we started Keats instead of Vonnegut. A little sad, but Ms Dosser was running on fumes since she got no sleep last night (debaters gone wild), and gave us a handout. Chucked on some crappy period movie too, nearly fell asleep. Ryan was enamoured by the costuming, but we agreed that they needed far more gears and brass wotsits to be proper cool.

Bio. We had a look at our bacteria cultures, one of them worked pretty well, then headed out to a driving lesson with Trev. Pretty meh, stalled once after successfully reverse parking. Damn straight.

Got back in time to watch Isaac and Sam perform an experiment on gravity which involved pouring water down the roof over the lockers. Fairly amusing.

History, got some points down, I am relatively prepared. It'll be ever so much fun tomorrow.

Finally media, finished storyboarding, got half the statement of realisation down, probably should have finished it. I write too small, Pat managed to get a page. Maybe I should just talk more crap.

After school, scream home, then off again to meet up with Wakely and do a suss looking deal in front of the everyone. Still. One ticket to go now. Work was pretty meh. Same old same old.

Get home, start grindan for history. Got some quotes I should be remembering, and a vague idea of the main events in some sort of chronological order. I'll be fine.

Tomorrow, SAC time, but it'll be Friday. Gotta find out if I'm working.



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black Hole Sun.

'Lo everyone.

Depressing kind of day today, I guess.

Get up early, get a little more history done, still not feeling confident even though I know most of the stuff, and after showering the door caught me on the knee. It hurt.

Go to school freezing, first up is media, get all three storyboards down, now I just have to polish them, and write why I'm filming in this particular way. It'll be so boring.

Spare next. Chill out in the sun chatting to Goody and Georgia while playing solitaire. Good times.

Recess was dull from what I can remember. If we did do something, don't feel bad that I forgot, I'm tired.

Maths. Fell asleep a little. Jake, Sam and I all got sidetracked on the same question until Nemo rescued us.

Then second half of lit SAC (Lit in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Gawd I'm funny). I got it all done with about ten minutes to spare, spent proofreading, which I've probably screwed up. Oh well. I'm guessing a C+.

Lunchtime. Chilled. Usual misadventures. Went to play some indoor soccer, much more year twelves this time. We kicked arse. Steve got swapped to the little kids (well, 10/11s) team, but we kept Geordie and he is damn good.

After school, got conscripted into Binks dance with Tom, Aiden and Pat (this will be amusing), then went down the street with Emily. Jesus, what is this. Two days in a row. Anyway, we wandered around, I think she needed to vent, ended up in maccas cos it was warm, saw Gollywog, then home to go over history stuff. Study Room is as useful as the bloody textbook. Helped the year eleven kid too, that's my good deed done for the day. Grabbed some more music too, since there was an excellent grunge thread I stumbled across. Soundgarden, Pavement, Temple of the Dog... should be good.

Tomorrow's no spare Thursday. It'll be cold. It'll be hell. Meh. Get it over and done with.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm going to Kate's, are you?

'Lo all.

Sick of year twelve. Just. Sick of it.

Get up at eight, this is bad. Sprint through shower and kitchen and somehow get dressed on the way.

Get to school on time, but it turns out we don't have to play at assembly because of an ANZAC service. Homeroom, swapped stories about the weekend, apparently Sam's poker night was all Indian-burial-ground-y again, Jesss's was meh, and no one knows what happened to the kid in Maffra. Here's Meg in a bow tie and her souvenier from the weekend.

Isobelle did the Last Post very well, service was standard stuff cept for a crow sitting on the flagpole.

Then off to media, such fun. We had a SAC sort of thing, none of us were really expecting it. Pulled a page of intention out of my arse. Gotta storyboard now, then get Denny to dress up as a samurai on the weekend.

History was slow, lecture on SAC structure for Friday, not looking forward to it at all. I've been saving practice SACs, and plan on knocking down a couple of them over the next few days, then get some feedback on Thursday. Meh.

Recess, print out essay then get shouted at because I don't know something I do... or something. All I know is that something happened, I don't know what that something is. Confusing. A little amusing.

Maths. Got work done. Matrices should be alright. Chatted about football (WEEE AAARE THE NAVY BLUUEESS!) and going to the movies on the weekend. Not that I have any money...

Lunch. Went over SAC in study room in the library. Lotta lit kids. Did a practice thing, wrote out intro using the plan, and got it fairly close. That's a confidence boost. Went up to the lit classroom, class is sitting there, catch up a bit with Noobie and the rest, then into the breach. 50 minutes and 3 and half (out of 6) paragraphs later, stop scribbling to read over everything and get the hell out.

Spare was so good, swapped ideas for the alphabet-themed 18ths coming up with Georgia (Pat wants me to go as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to Tara's T party), while Sam and Pat made kickarse paper planes that did loops.

After school, kids were all in a bad mood, sky was threatening rain, and since there was a surprise jazz rehearsal and an outdoor camp there was no one really heading down. So, walked down with Laura and had an impromptu D&M, wasn't expecting that. I think she needed to vent. She's still cool. Met Emily, Potter and Mini Potter having coffee after replacing headphones, then met Georgia and Cumpster outside the chicken shop, and we wandered around for an hour or so doing random stuff like buying lightbulbs. Chips are always good, even better on a cold day. Rode home, started a little history, and here I am, basically.

I need money, and to get money, I need work, and to get work I gotta find out what the hell is going on there. Right now I just gotta pay for some more driving lessons, I guess, but who knows what will pop up. Gotta save for the pub crawl with Aiden, Wakely and Emma in July too. (And fingers crossed for Tame Impala as the Strokes' support act!)

Tomorrow, going to finish this damned lit SAC, then party hard in indoor soccer, I guess.



Monday, April 26, 2010

The Scrap Iron Sky.

'Lo everyone.

Bloody hell.

Get up to go to work early, like it said on the roster. Roster has been changed. They wanted me there an hour later. Fine, says I, I'll just stick around for an extra hour, clean up dry store or something. Plus there's a new dude, which I expected. However, he's got all the shifts next week. And my shifts for this week have been cut from three to one and a question mark. I'm having Vietnam flashbacks to last year when I had no work for two months.

Work itself was meh, kinda busy, got sent home early cos everything was gone in an hour. Strange. Glad I got the extra hour in, I guess.

Go home, go down the street again, catch Tom, and visit the boardo. It's like a nursing home. I felt a bit out of place, all the boardos wandering around playing pool and such. Carlton was winning in the footy though, pretty awesome. We tried to get a photo copied, but Harvey Norman said they couldn't because it's a professional photo. Dammit.

After that, head home, print essay, then go to school. Poor Ms Dosser. She's been at school all day on her day off helping us stupid year twelves. Her stomach and my stomach had a rumble off. I did feel sorry for her, but watching her mark my essay in real time right in front of me was just plain scary. Overall she was satisfied, but I gotta clean it up a bit, as I expected. Gave me a good third point too.

Home again, finish goddamn essay. Now I just gotta replan it for tomorrow, which will be fun.

Tomorrow, gotta play at assembly, gotta kick this SAC's arse, gotta do something for media as well. Hurm.

Oh yeah, yesterday I watched this while eating pie.

Baseketball - ****
Really funny. A little dated, but very funny. Dunno about the Randy and Cartman cameos, but meh. Good.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adventures in Briag.

'Lo all.

Eventful weekend so far.

Work was pretty easy, but we're understaffed cos three chefs have quit in the last couple of weeks. Jeremy has left for some reason. Oh well. Sammy is the new head chef, well done that man.

Get home, get a rough plan and then an introduction done for literature, get a lift to Annie's, chill out there til Agnik rocks up then go all the way down to Briagolong. We chillax in the cafe place, then we get food. Figured I'd go along for the ride.

After getting food (for free, thanks heaps), and arguing with Agnik about his future and encouraging James to dress up as Mrs Dosser, we headed back to Sarah's mansion. We had a look around ("look at all these rooms!" "look at all these keys!" "woah... kitchen!"), headed to a dining room for cake and such. We encouraged Agnik to at least sip some champagne, abused Jasper for not having beer, then decided to play murder in the dark.

Cue lots of screaming and falling over each other, of course. Lauren had a clever tactic of hiding in a corner, Agnik figured he'd go under a chair til Jake decided to sit on him. We moved on to mario kart, and James and Isobelle made a drinking game out of it (every time a kid changes position, take a drink), so they got going pretty quick. Jasper and Jake left, so Janelle and James (so many Js) decided to have a drinking competition, a variation of kings of blood. We cheated to get James pissed, he wasn't happy. We ran out of girly drinks, and since we were threatening to run out of beer too (NOT THE BEER) we were reduced to the champagne from earlier. Which James made Janelle scull. Amusing.

By this stage kids were getting munted, especially Sarah, funnily enough. So we chilled. New respect for Kate, she knows Zeppelin. Lauren's very giggly (but she swore she wasn't drunk), and we thought we lost Isobelle and Agnik til we found them arguing outside. Figured we should crash after that, Isobelle and I kept everyone up laughing at pathetic, pathetic jokes, then four hours later we all woke up because Kyna had to march for ANZAC Day. Got a lift to Stratford with Sarah and Agnik (who were off to pick Agnik a career in Melbourne), Janelle (who was flying back to uni in Sydney), and Annie. Train home was quiet, but there were a million people waiting in Sale, most of them for the footy. Walked home, my headphones are dying. So sad.

So yeah, not a bad party, different crowd, but they're still cool. I missed out on a murder at a house party in Maffra (seriously), and Jess had a thing and there was a couple of ghetto parties as well. Fun fun fun.

Get home, get down. By the afternoon, 95% finished literature essay, now it needs padding and polishing, which will happen tomorrow night after I visit Ms Dosser. And I gotta work, joy.

I'd chuck photos up but the battery is so dead they all ended up bad, sorry.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New York City Cops.

'Lo all.


All of my party are now lvl 60, I'm so proud of them. Cept now I should start training up Larv.

Get to school, business as usual, double media first up. Finish editing my little film (read; play with filters and time stretching). Pat and Oliver's are really good, they should youtube theirs. Gotta storyboard up kung fu coffee making, and two other creative ways of looking at making coffee over the weekend, joy.

Then recess followed by spare, watched half of Public Enemies with Georgia. Good film so far.

Maths was pretty quiet, transition matrices seem deceptively simple.

Lunch. Try to visit Dossatron twice, missed her, but oh well. We sat around making double entendres, the usual. Denny's bottle of coke exploded, which was amusing.

Bio was slow, we had a true or false test which was fairly easy, then revision on kidneys and calcium. It's really fascinating, I swear. You gotta believe me.

Finally history, did not get as much work done as I should have because I was sitting next to Isobelle and she is distracting, with her stick figures and lewdness.

After school, finally catch up with Dosstimus Prime and schedule a time to meet on Monday, which conveniently enough is like 5pm. That means all night cram session before the SAC the next day. We then headed down the street for chips, and Denny, Pat, Hayden and I sat around for an hour and a half swapping stories and scaring passerbys.

Ventured to Spotlight to pick up an eyepatch, Denny and Pat found the masks. Then we saw Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus in Magnum, but none of us were game enough to buy it. Maybe when I have more money, I'll pick it up for us.

Get home, chill, I have started some media. Tomorrow, chip away at lit essay in between work and heading to Briagalong. I still don't know how to play cluedo...



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stealing People's Mail.

'Lo everyone.

So, three periods of spare plus chapel today, awesome. Cept it was like a million degrees then raining for some reason.

Get up, go to school, talk about future careers in homeroom (Agnik should be a diplomat, and he should learn Russian), then chapel which was the standard ANZAC day stuff.

Bio was slow. Want SAC over and done with so we can move on.

Recess was slow, then double spare. Georgia, Sarah and I just lying on the couches half asleep for two periods. Sun was so good. It was almost spoiled halfway through when a tonne of methods kids came in, but they left.

Lunch. Quiet ish. Chilled out. Discussed disgusting things. May have scared some girls.

Then another spare, as Ries Dawg was model-UNing. Lost a game of monopoly to Isobelle and Annie, here's my playing piece.

It is a dog mounting a horserider wearing a thimble wearing a hat, on a wheelbarrow. Isobelle convinced me to take the hat off. I will be using this piece in all future games of monopoly.

Then lit, had a laugh about how much we are collectively awful at literature, went over some more scenes. Would be more helpful if I had my books, but Emma's is so well annotated and crap.

After school, went to work, was all good til it started pouring. Had a goddamn headwind down Foster st, then spun out on some bricks. Sprained wrist and bleeding knees. Jesus, it was like I was five years old again. Didn't notice bleeding til I made it back to chemist, so hopefully I freaked out some people on the highway.

Get home, consider starting some homework, go to the grandparents for pizza, get home again, time for history. At least 2 SACs next week, fantastic. Going to be working on a literature essay whenever I'm home over the weekend.

Tomorrow's Friday. Thank gawd.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Runway, Houses, City, Clouds.

'Lo readers.

Munted at the moment.

Today was pretty meh, to be honest.

Get to school, kids are discussing how we're going to be banned from everything including breathing for the bananas (fair enough, cept we cleaned them up), the Miley Cyrus stickers (which have been around for months doing no harm), and the VCE study room being trashed (wtf?). Meh, if we get banned from the common room, I don't really mind. There's other places to sit than the year twelve area. And I can't remember the last time I visited the VCE study room.

First up was bio, got my book back, we're still on cellular communication, which is much more interesting than plant hormones. Jesus.

Then media, after fiddling around a fair bit, got my 35 seconds of footage. Had to cut a fair bit because it looked crap, and for some reason some of the stuff I remember shooting didn't appear. Weird.

Recess, helped scratch off Miley Cyrus stickers. A little melancholy, to be honest. We'll miss her.

History was slow, got work done, took notes, the usual. Have two practice SACs to do before next week, but I'm a little confident.

Finally lit, after a bit of amusement at Emily, Isobelle, and Ryan's expense, more talking about how our ideas suck and such.

Lunchtime. Chilled out with the droogs, played a scrappy game of markers up with some year tens, then headed to indoor soccer. It was Isaac, Dayne, Agnik, Sarah, Amanda and Aino against a bunch of year tens. If we lost, it would be awful, and said year tens would never let us forget. So we played hard. Even Agnik scored a goal, well done that man.

Back to school, it was raining. Joy. Get home, finish all my lit homework, then off to work. Such fun. Dishes did not stop, because for some reason there were like twenty people on a table. Chef had a couple of good quotes, and we discussed photography. No de-gungifying things.

Get home, shower, swap scary stories with Isobelle, and here I am.

Tomorrow's double spare Thursday. I'm guessing Ms Dyke will try and scare us into behaving. Meh. I haven't done anything wrong. Famous last words, no?



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Think In Spongebob.

'Lo all.

Bloody hell.

Fire Drill Tuesday today. It would be much more exciting if they didn't tell us in homeroom, cancel assembly for it, then change all the times around.

Get to school, spare first, so good. We chilled, and whinged about Bairnsdale and how people get stabbed there.

Media was annoying more than anything else, hook up camera to computer, didn't work. Get cord, passed around to me, hook it up, copy some narcissistic year elevens putting other year elevens in a bin. Dammit. Wait for cord to get passed around again, then copy my footage. Tomorrow, editing.

Recess, slow.

Double maths, my favourite. Got work done, whinged to the other kids, then we had LOCKDOWN! TERRORIST KIDS LISTENING TO HEAVY METAL RUNNING AROUND WITH FULLY AUTOMATIC HIGH CALIBRE FIREARMS ON A SUICIDE MISSION TO TAKE DOWN AS MANY OF THEIR LOVING, UNDERSTANDING AND GOOD CLASS MATES AS THEY CAN! Well, not really. Brenno made us shut the curtains, then he went outside and spent two minutes locking the door. He'd be dead meat in a real lockdown. Beside, pulling curtains down does not mean bulletproof windows.

Then we all went outside for the roll call, usual jokes about being burnt alive and such. Lunch was slow, hung out with Emma and Dayno listening to music while some of the kids tried out for netball. Isaac's swimming cap treasure he found yesterday was filled with water, here's the result.

It's a funny size cos it needed cropping and zoooom. Someone threw a pen at it after this was taken, and it burst. Very amusing.

Headed to lit after this, two periods going through the third act of the film, so much fun. Meant to be working in partners, Emily decides it's all going too fast and figures she'll do it at home. Her and Isobelle were focussed on going to Ibiza in their gap year. Gawd.

After school I headed down the street with Ryan and Annie, met Wakely in Leading Edge after they couldn't order InnerSpeaker or Brothers (disappoint), then we got chips. Sam, Jake and the boardos rocked up, good time had by all. Wakely's got all these legendary pokemans, he steals them off traded in carts at EB, the bastard. Got a lift from Sam, he's a pretty good driver cept for when he got lost on Dundas st.

Get home, stare at lit for a while, decide to google around for some background. It's still sitting there, trying to entice me to finish it. It's like barely anything, and I have no motivation. Pathetic.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Joy. Sport and work.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hobo with a Shotgun.

'Lo readers.

What's this? An enjoyable Monday?

So, after nearly sleeping through to eight am (that's bad), drag self to school, meet up with some kids, Sarah says I'm Monseuir Brunette for her Cluedo party. This should be fun, I don't know how to play Cluedo and I get to wear an eyepatch.

Bio first. I could feel myself falling asleep as we discussed plant hormones. I'm glad I don't have to write essays on the subject like Alice and Tess.

Lit next, was scared into being awake. Topic today was thesaurus use since Mrs Dosser has realised Bernice is just using the synonym thing in Word. We also went over the point of my last essay, which is convenient.

Recess. Fairly quiet, I think. Told stories from music camp and Sally tried to get us singing again.

History was alright, talked to Pat and Steve, got notes down, reckon I've got an alright understanding. Wednesday and Thursday will be all revision though.

And then I almost fell asleep in maths. Mrr. (dammit Isobelle).

Lunchtime. Shenanigans.

So that's Isaac catching Denny with one of those newfangled pokeballs, and Georgia in the corner refusing to laugh. He then caught Agnik, and Emma and Aiden. We chillaxed for a bit after that, as Isobelle tried to sabotage Tom's game of mario.

Media was fun, we rushed around shooting films. Mine went alright until an entire PE class walked past and I had to change all the angles around, so I might have to reshoot. Then Jake's, where Oliver was fly kicked by Pat, fairly spectacular. Oliver's next, we violated Patrick. Pat's was last, we rushed to an unlocked boy's toilet and tried not to laugh as Pat provided his own sound effects. Looking forward to seeing how they all look.

Spare last, chilled out some more. Sarah is a mad Snake player. Apparently some gangster died, and this got way more attention than I expected. I'm guessing a combination of bogans and Underbelly is to blame for this.

Band next, scream through two parts of a three piece suite, chatted to Isobelle, Claire and Aiden about dear old Alex Coy and Dr Who (new girl is hot, but I was only half watching it, sisters love it), and then went home to see the Smith brothers and Denny chilling in my shed.

Sam got his Ps today, well done that man. To celebrate, we planned the most epic maccas run ever. So, kids were dropped at my place by Jason, Jake and Sam, we worked out that we should buy four $20 boxes. Sam and Hayden, and Jake, Aaron and Jason took off. They came back twenty minutes later, after Denny and I had discussed GWAR (google it), with 8 big macs, 8 cheeseburgers, 16 drinks, 16 chips, and 4 things of chicken nuggets. Which we all finished. It was pretty awesome. Fraser tried to be cool and hang out with us, think he's now in love with Aaron.

Then got some stuff done, I should do some lit but I'll do it tomorrow, I have no motivation yet. Essay tomorrow, practice essay over the weekend, then SAC the next week. Joy.

Tomorrow's Tuesday. Gotta go down the street and see if Leading Edge has held on to my TCV shirt, and check when I'm working, and sell a ticket to Wakely.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

The last music camp.

'Lo all.

Another one of those "OMG LAST THING EVER!" things. Depressing?

So. Friday. Hung around for a period of biology, said happy birthday to Sam, then after being examined by Georgia and Jack and sent on a run around the quad, ditched bio to hang out with the musicians and ensure the bloody eupho was on the truck.

Year Twelve Party Bus was fairly quiet, lots of pokeman battles across the aisle, Dayne got his arse kicked. Twice. Get to the place, unstack stuff, rehearsal sesh. After two of these, we were starving. No food til dinner. That's just wrong, not even any biscuits? Was in Pat's room again, since he had decided to come along and play his tuba for the first time this year. Convenient.

During dinner (where Claire and Pat and I had salt and pepper races), we found out the guest musician, who was a metro ex-hippy singer from Melbourne. We had fun and games (read, musical chairs and that I Never game that they played last year). I sat out with Claire and laughed as the kids mercilessly tore down Emily's self esteem and Jake, Aiden and Pat ran around in women's clothing. Here's a photo of Jake in his tights.

We then had another exciting singing session. The ex-hippy is a big fan of the eighties, and mashups. I'm cool with mashups so I went with it. Can't Touch This/Push It/Ice Ice Baby, Amazing Grace/Beautiful Day/Wonderful World, a Smiths song, Mamma Mia, and Long Way to the Top. Meh. Got it over and done with by going ridiculously low. Lulu, Claire and Isobelle joined us in the bass section while Pat gave tenor a go. We decided not to go raiding that night, since we were munted.

Then yesterday. More rehearsal. At one stage the choir kids left so we played a Grease medley. Then some breaks to chill or do homework. Or even play each other's instruments, like Lulu here trying the eupho. After about ten minutes of working it out, she could play my solo at the start of one of the pieces. Well done that woman.

So yeah, she was pretty happy. That night, more fun and games, since us year twelves had written the questions for the trivia night. It favoured the year elevens, so we tried to have a year eleven on each table, but oh well. Mrs Dosser and her Dossette and her friend had a go as well. The music nerd questions almost went down well (they aren't as nerdy as we used to be, or the years above us), the music ones were alright until Jenny tried to make the kids guess the songs (again, I'm pretty sure that 90% of the kids have no idea who Ella Fitzgerald was), and included Emily's cover of Time is Running Out, which almost made her flip the table. The cultural ones were meh, and the year twelve ones were pretty funny, specially since we gave marks for creativity and compliments. Then we had a singing contest. Instead of falsetto off, it was Spicks and Specks substitute. Pretty lame, since no one wanted to sing. Should have stuck with the falsetto off. The team with two year elevens ended up winning it, beating the staff.

After more singing, then karaoke and dancing (Peter Garrett style, as shown above), back to the 'rooms' (you had to be there) to watch the end of a gay Adam Sandler movie, then since we were bored, went back outside. Maddy, Isobelle and Claire grabbed me and we ran for some reason, ended up on the road staring at stars which was cool til we heard a car coming. Wandered back to the girls rooms, was at the door when Mr Iverson appeared out of nowhere and told everyone to get to bed. Dammit.

The droogs and I regrouped in Aiden and Jake's room, and spent about half an hour discussing dump techniques. I may have to try The Levitator and The Jenga, though I'm not sure about The Avalanche. Isobelle was disgusted, as I kept her posted. Now, the nintendo ds has this thing where you can chat wirelessly, and draw pictures. Once we got kicked out of Aiden's room, we worked this out. We spent a good hour drawing the most obscene things imaginable to each other while we prepared the plan for Pat and Robbo's streak across the oval. About one am, Pat went to Aiden's room to jump out their window, since ours had been screwed shut. After keeping an ear out, I made Dayne jump out too when he randomly popped up, then we sprinted out to meet the rest. Couple of year elevens had rocked up as well, with Connor as their representative. Standing at one end of the oval, Patrick, Aiden, Robbo and Connor quickly stripped then took off awkwardly. I attempted to take a photo but it was too dark. The flash (lol) scared the hell out of them. They made it back, we laughed, and snuck back inside. Then we crashed.

This morning, almost slept through breakfast with Mrs Dosser making jokes about me (hurr hurr), then more rehearsal. Screamed through a three movement piece which was tolerable by the end, and a crappy Beatles medley, then food and more singing, after we all visited the little shop to pick up supplies (shop keeper was not happy when we flicked through the magazines, pretty funny). Bus trip home was pretty cool cos we got the plush awesome minibus. More singing in the bus, I was bloody sick of it. Girls watched their medieval porn, Dayne used my ds to trade lots of pokemans. The man's an opportunist.

Get back to school, help Claire and her dad unpack the truck, then go home, get some homework done, and I've basically been wasting time since. I'm very tired.

Tomorrow is Monday. At least we get a spare before even more band.



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sticky Fingers.

'Lo readers.

So today was no-spare-Thursday, my least favourite Thursday. My favourite is double-spare-Thursday.

It was a casual day too, so after stressing since 5am about what I was going to wear I decided to wear a clean tshirt. Meh.

Got up late, go to school, homeroom's quiet cept for Cumpster encouraging me to play netball. Then chapel, zoned out.

Maths was meh, but I mean, I know what I'm doing. Bernice was thankful for the new music, at this stage.

Recess, nothing particularly interesting. Maths was dull

Lit next, go over some actual good ideas, got a chocolate frog, caught up with Noobie, and I'm feeling much more better about this SAC. I mean, I'm not looking forward to it, but instead of wrist-cuttingly terrified, I'm just terrified.

Then bio, steroid hormones! Woo! So much fun! Totally looking forward to the prac tomorrow!

At lunchtime, wandered around for a bit, got conscripted into the netball tryouts with the rest of the droogs, bought a biscuit from Claire, Alison and Gav the SRC reps (they looked stressed), then found Ms Dosser and went over my crappy practice essay while Jack and The Diamas belted out The Bad Touch in front of a group of evangelicals. Pretty amusing. Good choice.

History was work, got it done, talked to Sarah and Lauren while introducing Pat to DFA79. Jasper likes it too, I was shocked. Someone else has heard of this band, yay. Since I chucked some of it on Bernice's iPod, he noticed it, and had asked her if she liked it. She had no idea who they were, since I just put it on, and replied that she did. Oh dear. Lying is bad, mkay.

Media. Finished storyboard, did intention, looking forward to filming on Monday.

After school, went home, went down the street, went to work, got caught in a house, went home, got some history done, cleaned up a bit, and packed for camp. It all fits in a backpack, plus a sleeping bag and whatever homework I drag down. I wonder how many kids will bring a huge suitcase.

Tomorrow, music camp. Yes, I will take photos. Yes, this means no blog post til Sunday night. Yes, I'm aware of all the band camp jokes. I need to pick up some supplies (read: doritos, coke, jelly) before school too.



b16 d200 (WOO!) f64

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Search and Destroy.

'Lo all.

Wednesday. Shenanigans.

Woke up early, went to school in the cold, Denny's birthday today. Lucky bastard, getting a panel van and all. Much as I would like to join his night out at the legendary Never Open Mexican joint, I'll be on bloody music camp.

Media first, Pat, Jake, Oliver and I were each other's creative consultants for our storyboards. I reckon I've got a pretty good representation of Jasper's failure to kick a soccerball. Pat's will be excellent if he can pull it off, same with Jake's. Oliver's will be damn funny to watch.

Spare. So good. Talked to Potter and Georgia about camps. Wish I could have gone on all the Melbourne camps, oh well. Cameron said my hard drive might be dead, which is very, very annoying. I'm going to need a computer with huge storage to fix it. The plan is, hook up iPod to better computer, copy EVERYTHING on it, then get hard drive fixed. That way I'll still have my 45gb of music, and a backup. I can get movies and such from other kids again later, if I do have to wipe drive.

Recess was banana ritual ("Why do they all have bananas?" "Why are they shouting?"). Denny got the coolest card from Kelly, it made a Chewbacca noise then played the Star Wars theme. Pretty funny.

Maths was dull, got lectured about things I already knew about, did some work, pretty meh.

Lit was a bit more lecturing, but we watched a bit of movie. Still not looking forward to next SAC.

In house meetings we had to sing 'I Just Can't Wait to be King'. This is a stupid song because you've got that damn Mr Bean bird talking all the way through. How do you sing that? Stupid. Not that we were singing, Dayne and I were murmuring along. Lunch involved checking on The Lemon and The Orange. The Lemon was taken down, and Aiden crushed it. It was all hollow and crackled. Circle of guys in a corridor, trackies around their ankles to show their shorts. Cue prospective parent and child being led around by Walshy's mum. Everyone pulls their pants up except Isaac. Wish my camera had battery.

Went to soccer, it's good to be a year twelve. We didn't do much, then we got split into four teams for 2 half pitch games. I was on skins team with Aiden, Tom, Dayne, Isaac, Jake, and Jake. We kicked arse against Derek and Jay's team. I even scored a goal. They eventually won by a goal because the wind caught a ball that Aiden almost had, but oh well. Jake and I were munted from running back and forth, and Tom collected Tsubasa. Apparently Steve got a kid even worse, Agnik labelled him a brick wall.

Back to school, usual wasting time, then down the street for chips. I'm enjoying this, it's a chance to regroup. Bitched about female psychology and how Sam's is like an Indian burial ground, and how homework and Commodores suck (since Sam reckons he's getting one).

Get home, get food, get changed, ship out to work, bossman gives me a new job. De-gunge the doors and coolrooms. After sweeping out the dry store, grabbed a knife and a scrubber and went to work chipping out bits of crap from cracks in the room that was like 0 degrees. Wiffy caught me scratching away at a door, which I thought was amusing. Chef was pretty merciful, after mopping out the cool room he made me a sandwich, and since it was so dead outside Jords and I finished fairly early.

And here we are. I've been loading up Bernice's iPod with some music, not as much as I'd give her had my hard drive been working, but oh well. She'll like some of it, and I hope she at least gives The XX and Emancipator a listen.

Tomorrow's Thursday. I have a history thing to finish off before then, which I'll do now. It's a casual day, which means I'm going to have to scrounge a couple of dollars. It's also work day, and I'm going to freeze to death. Wish I had double spare.



b 16 (RED TIME!) d 199 f 65

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Mrrr. Not interested.

Woke up late, went to school, in assembly we had spider races. Got a fire stone from Dayne, Aiden got an exp share off him, the bastard.

First up was history, got some work done, talked pokemans with Steve and Pat.

Then media, have to take some footage of Pat kicking a soccerball and failing miserably. Should be fun.

Recess. It was Jess, Nemo, Hayden and Finky's birthday. Jesus. So, lots of kids running around screaming.

Then maths, ever so much fun. Matrices are pretty damn easy though.

Bio. More nervous system. Have studied this before. Oh well. No excuses.

Lunchtime. Bored. Hung out with Lulu and Tara, then wandered around between groups. Meh.

Lit last. Oh boy. Ryan gave me a Hedda dvd, well done that man. Then we got our SACs back, and were promptly chewed out. Apparently our vocab sucks, our understanding sucks, our approach sucks, our work level and attitudes suck... Meh.

Spare next was a relief, enjoyed my coffee, chatted to Georgia and Gavin, and Goody tried to get groupies. Potter was stressing over her tattoo design. At least it's subtle.

After school, headed down the street with Denny, Kelly, Pat and Alison, got some chips, met Jake, Meg, Jess and some boardos, waved to Noobie across the road, chatted to Ryan and Pat about pokemans for an hour, then we swapped stories about GIS campaigns. Beacon Hills sounds bloody scary.

Went home, considered doing media work, instead I tried to get my hard drive working. It didn't seem to want to pop up. It'll connect, it'll whir and light up, it'll beep on the computer, but it won't read. Not happy. Will have to fix this somehow.

Tickets to The Strokes arrived today, gotta talk to Wakely and Isobelle about this. Aiden found cheap hotel, so it should be fun, trick will be having money for pub crawl afterwards.

Tomorrow's Wednesday, it'll be cold, then we'll have soccer tryouts. Worth it for the run around, but we already know who'll get picked. Then I've got work, if they keep me. Joy.


Photos are coming back soon, I promise.

Anyway, the end.

Monday, April 12, 2010

This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

'Lo everyone.

Better get back into the habit.

So today was the first day back. After heading to bed early, I slept through my alarm for an hour. Awesome.

Denny rocks up, ride to school through a bitch of a headwind, then the kids are all there and loud. Still buzzing from coffee, catch up with the droogs. Got me a fancy wristband thing from Isaac from their travels to Phukhet. Everyone got one, all have explicit engrish phrases. Very amusing.

First up was bio, coffee wearing off, homeostasis and nervous system is easy. Year Eleven Genius behind us was annoying Meg by being better than everyone else.

Maths next, girls decided to move near us to actually get some work done. I cruised through it while they chatted, props to Nemo for attempting the maccas drivethrough on a horse.

Recess. Did some mad mystery gifting, caught up with some more kids, totally made Claire and Amelia's day with the Temper Trap tickets.

Double history was mildly amusing, while chugging through questions Mr Ries animatedly swore and gesticulated. Mr Ries is a pretty cool guy, eh teaches history and doesn't afraid of anything.

Lunchtime, thank jesus. Followed Sam down to the trees that are so far away from everything it makes you look suspicious for being there, and watched as he and Hayden threw a metal playing card into trees. It was pretty cool. Not sure how it made it through customs. Rest of lunch was pretty samey. We need more seats.

Media last, talked about production thing, I wish I knew where exactly to start, but oh well. I know it'll be done, because I know it doesn't have to look pretty.

Then a spare. After printing out lit essays with April, had a coffee and chatted to Georgia. Good chill time.

Coffee lasted til band, then I half fell asleep. Kept foot tapping for pokemon thingy. Looking forward to music camp though.

Afterwards, we see Alex Coy. Haven't seen him in a while. I lasted three words. Then hung out with Aiden and Claire, discussed muckup day and Powderfinger (so, so in). Headed to Pat's Sale place next, had a game of three player pool with him and Denny (you pot a ball, one point, you pot the white, minus a point), and they drew each other. Went home, did some homework, and here I am. Dull.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Um. Cool?



Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Night At The Roxbury.

'Lo all.

Well, I'm not dead yet. Working on it, but not yet.

Since I posted last Friday, I spent Saturday working, then went in on Sunday but got sent home after two minutes, which wasn't cool. Spent an enjoyable weekend to myself procrastinating over homework and playing pokemon while blaring music incredibly loud.

On Monday, went to the cinema with the horde.

Clash of the Titans - **
Crap script, crap acting, crap story (seriously, wtf Zeus), but I guess it looked good. Some bits seemed stolen right out of Lord of the Rings (looking at you mountain-walky-scenes and saddled scorpions), and both the Stonem siblings from Skins were in there, which was strange. I dunno.

After that, hung around down the street, Denny trounced me at pokemans, then we went to Annie's and played on omegle. Denny pretended he was suicidal, Jess appeared on webcam until we all popped up and trolled some lonely dude, and we scared a lot of people. Good times.

Tuesday was lit seminar day. Got an essay to do, watched a bit of stupid adaptation, then went for chips with Emily, Ryan and Isobelle. Saw a few kids down the street too. Then home, started essay. It's hell. We have no film to reference in a thing where we're supposed to compare film to play. Stupid stupid stupid.

The next few days are a blur of homework and crap. On Thursday went to Pat's Sale place to play video games with Tom and Aiden, went for a midnight run (in bare feet) to Coles for doritos, and proved I'm second best at both guitar hero and red faction. Lots of arguing over mi goreng, and I had to sleep in a garage that looked like a crack den (at least I got the big bed, unlike Aiden who was crammed into a little kids bed).

On Saturday I got a full shift at work, which was awesome. Will be rolling in money.

While I remember, A Night At The Roxbury - ***
It's dated, but it's still funny. Prototype Will Ferrell, I reckon. Worth seeing. And that goddamn Haddaway song was stuck in my head, sucked.

Sometime in between all this, I got tickets to see The Strokes in July with Aiden, Meg and Isobelle, am seriously considering getting tickets to see Powderfinger's farewell show in September with Aiden, Bernice and I dunno who else, I helped Jess with her psych stuff and brought up some good memories of zombies from last year, and I managed to get all of my history, bio, and lit homework done. Hells yeah.

So, a homework-filled, mildly stressful end to the holidays. So glad I could sleep though.

Really, really not looking forward to tomorrow. The kids will be all shouty and complaining about homework (but then, so will I), and there'll be the early waking up and it'll be cold and ew. But we get to wear pants. That's awesome.



(b 16, (beaten elite four twice), d 182)

Friday, April 2, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Yesterday was annoying, hung around all day, went to work, and promptly died.

After visiting the bloody chemists a third time, picked up some supplies and went to Denny's. Pat, Emily, Jake and Denny were watching One Piece. After a while Ryan rocked up, so Jake and Emily decided to pick up pizza and Isobelle. The rest of us had a serious discussion about pokemon (they're all taking it far too seriously), then everyone came back and Ryan lost to Denny in a heated double battle.

First movie of the evening was Aqua Teen Hunger Force colon Movie Film for Theatres. An old favourite. Didn't make much sense fourth time around either.

Second movie was Troy, or at least the first three quarters. Cue Emily whinging about how she hates these sorts of movies, and Pat and I discussing Greeks. It looks good, but it still drags too long.

Third movie was Jake's, an indie film called Elephant.

Elephant - ****
Genuinely chilling, based of a true story about a school shooting in the States. Was made all Memento style as well. Except for the gay scenes, which seemed tacked on and unneccessary (unless to gross us out, which it did), it was an excellent movie. The FPS scenes in particular were clever.

After that Emily put her foot down, so we watched her pick of my movies, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Doesn't matter who I'm watching it with, the first half of this movie will keep a constant smile on my face. Shame the message and ending is so sobering. Excellent movie.

We decided we were tired after this, and since Jake had left we somehow all ended up with somewhere to sleep. Ryan had nicked off to Denny's room and we thought he had crashed. Somehow a massive pillowfight erupted, which only ended when Pat slid over and landed arse first on a wooden pyramid thing. Painful. Next, into the kitchen, mixing energy drinks with god knows what and Emily ate some reheated raspberry things that looked like blood clots. Someone found some duct tape, there were lots of moonings, and we were all in the bathroom weighing ourselves at one point (this made me depressed, dammit).

Patrick. No alcohol needed at all. He does this all the time. Just kicks into Spartan mode every now and then.

Isobelle with her trademark blog face and Emily. Denny's intruding with the giant cli-exercise ball. >.>

We snapped and went back to pillowfighting on the couches, then Denny put on You're Welcome America. Will Ferrel's a genius. At about ten past five we realised it was ten past five so we slept.

I couldn't sleep, despite the couch Isobelle donated, but then I remember waking up with everyone else so I guess it's not all bad. After hanging around with the rest, Pat and I rode home, agreed to see Clash of the Titans next week, and then I got some history homework done. Not enough, tomorrow after work I'm going to have to get more finished. Not fun at all.

Tomorrow is work and history homework. Yay.