Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

'Lo everyone.

Live from Ocean Grove, it's not David Letterman, he isn't that funny.

So we ended up here instead of Buninyong because I have no idea what we are doing ever.

Friday was pretty lame, as far as I can remember, and I don't remember much. Confused.

Then drove all the way here, we missed the KFC exit before the bridge so we got crappy chips from a second rate chicken shop at Altona. It was all pretty alright til we got off the Geelong bypass, then a magnificently creepy section that was all foggy and misty at full speed with Interstellar Overdrive blaring.

Everyone's alive down here, which is good, gave Katie some music, discussed school, s'all good.

Today, drove around checking out the wreck that Simon was diving in, then Fraser dragged me to Barwon Heads to go shopping. Yes, the goddamn surf shops are having huge sales, why do you have to buy anything? Got me a cheap hoodie, Fraser got skinny jeans and he wants to dive back in. It's bloody terrifying.

We avoided the rain though, which was pretty spectacular from what we saw on TV. Downloaded a buttload of music as my dear grandmother has a spare twelve gigs left this month, and I believe I've addicted the Beardman to DS crosswords.

Tomorrow, we're either going straight home, or we're visiting more rellies. This will give me more time to finish this media homework (or at least leech answers for it).



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